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Our range includes High Quality Valve (Tube) Amplifiers, Effects Units, Replacement Amplifier Valves and Accessories for Guitar. All of our range of guitar amplifiers feature all valve technology. These hand wired amplifiers feature modern technology for increased reliability and safety however are built to old design standards with that classic valve tone and sound. Our guitar amplifiers feature full valve pre-amplifier and power output stages. Our replacement guitar amplifier valves (or tubes in the USA) are available for repairing and upgrading existing amplifiers. We are also able to supply custom made valve amplifiers upon request.

We use and supply 12AT7 (ECC81)12AU7 (ECC82)12AX7 (ECC83), 6L6GC6V6GTEL34EL84, 6550 (KT88)5AR4 guitar amplifier valves (or tubes as they are known in the USA). Yuma Gold guitar amplifiers feature high quality wooden cabinets have a tweed covering and Celestion speakers.

We have a select range of models from 5w to 30w, some include built in effects like Tremolo and Spring Reverb. We have taken feedback from our field tests and modified our amplifiers to give the best tone possible with settings going from a clean Californian to British heavy metal sound.

Yuma Gold Valve Amplifiers
Yuma Gold Valve Amplifiers

All of our Yuma Gold Guitar Amplifiers, Valves and Effects are CE approved. Items are tested to ensure the latest CE safety standards are met to ensure a safe and reliable performance. Buy our products via our ONLINE STORE 


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