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Our range includes Valve Amplifiers and Effects Units for Guitar. We are also able to supply custom made tube amplifiers upon request. Our range of guitar amplifiers includes models with full tube pre-amp and power stages. Our amplifiers use 6V6, 12AX7, 5AR4, 6550, EL84, 6L6GC tubes and Celestion speakers. There is a wide range of amplifiers for various sound requirements. Some amplifiers have built in effects like Tremolo and Spring Reverb. We have taken feedback from our field tests and modified our amplifiers to give the best tone possible with settings going from a clean Californian to British heavy metal sound.

Yuma Gold Tube Amplifiers
Yuma Gold Tube Amplifiers

All our Guitar Amplifiers and Effects Pedals are CE approved. This testing has been combined with ensuring the latest CE test standards are met for safety. All our products are CE approved.

YUMA GOLD Ltd – Registered in the UK.

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