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comparison prices - Gibson Guitar Factory - Memphis, TN, USA - Sept 2018
Gibson Guitar Factory – Memphis, TN, USA – Sept 2018

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The YUMAGOLD web site has been created for musicians and music producers to source all things related to making, and recording, music. Products are shown in a list order to allow you to select the best possible deal. From playing the guitar, bass and other musical instruments to setting up a home studio or arranging a gig.

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We have selected the top brands and products to allow you to review and choose the most cost effective solution. Use this link to see the current top 35 price reductions and savings on guitars, amps and effects.

comparison prices - Sun Studios - Memphis, TN, USA - Sept 2018
Sun Studios – Memphis, TN, USA – Sept 2018

If you are a musician or music producer looking for some new gear or are seeking to upgrade your equipment then this web site has been set up in a way to make it easy to find the best price offers on gear. Whether it is guitar effect pedals, rack mounted effects, guitar amplifiers, replacement valves for your tube amplifier or a new speaker cabinet there are links to follow in the top menu or the categories drop down.

Use the menu to search for a product and we will show you a number of suppliers and the prices that are on offer.

You will be surprised on how much you could save by looking at the comparison prices on offer. The web site shows the products in either product type and by brand name, so you can look up your favorite makes easily. Just choose the product you desire and then see the price comparison available, click on the best price and place your order.

Guitar Amplifiers – we have a wide range of guitar amplifiers from all of the major brands including Marshall, Peavey, Fender, Blackstar, Orange and Laney and many more. We also have a range of boutique guitar amplifiers available. You can choose amplifiers by the type of amp and by the brand or make of amp.

Speaker Cabinets – a wide range of speaker cabinets from all the major manufacturers to be used with head style guitar amplifiers and rack mounted guitar amplifiers.

Replacement Guitar Amplifier Valves – (or Tubes as they are known in the USA) can be purchased as a single item, as matched sets to tune up your valve guitar amplifier or as complete guitar amplifier re-valve kits. Valves and tube kits are available for all of the major guitar amplifier brands – Marshall, Peavey, Fender, Blackstar, Orange and many more. Valves can be selected either by the guitar amplifier type or the parts that make up the valve kit.

Guitar Effects Pedals – We have a complete range of standard guitar effects pedals from well known brands like Boss effect pedals, Mooer effect pedals, Electro-Harmonix, Digitech, Behringer, Donner, Vox, Nux, Zoom, Joyo and many more. We also have a wide range of boutique effect pedals available.

Rack Mounted Effects and Music Processors – we have a complete range of rack mounted guitar effects units and music processors from suppliers like behringer, dbx, lexicon and more.

Musical Instrument Accessories – Our range includes everything you need to complement your musical instrument set up – cables, power supplies etc.

We have a number of Technical Guides Available…

As we design and manufacture our own range of valve guitar amplifiers, as seen in the above image, we have written a number of technical guides including pages explaining the operation and maintenance of valve guitar amplifiers and also details of the circuitry used and how tube guitar amplifiers work

The YumaGold Boutique Guitar Amplifier and Effects Range : compare prices, suppliers and deals for guitars, amplifiers, effects, valves and more. : compare prices, suppliers and deals for guitars, amplifiers, effects, valves and more.

We have a range of products available that are hand made and are sold with YumaGold branding. This includes a range of classic valve guitar amplifiers made to a high specification and also our unique boutique guitar effect pedals including the YumaGold Tube Reverb which replicates the classic surf sound of the 60’s. We are also working with a vacuum tube manufacturer to launch our own range of high quality, specially selected guitar amplifier valves. Check out the YumaGold range of Classic Valve Guitar Amplifiers

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comparison prices on musical instrument - Adicts Blackpool Rebellion Festival 2018 - Copyright YUMAGOLD Ltd
Adicts Blackpool Rebellion Festival 2018

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