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The YUMAGOLD web site has been created for musicians and music producers to source all things related to making, and recording, music. Products are shown in list order to allow you to select the best possible deal. From playing the guitar, bass and other musical instruments to setting up a home studio or arranging a gig there are products available on the site.

If you are a musician or music producer looking for some new gear or are seeking to upgrade your equipment then this web site has been set up in a way to make it easy to find the best price offers on gear. You will be surprised on how much you could save by looking at the comparison prices on offer.

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Old School 51RT Head Guitar Amp by Mad Professor

Guitar Amplifiers : All Types and Makes

On the there is a wide range of guitar amplifiers from all the major and boutique brands. There are many types of guitar amplifier and many makes of guitar amplifier available on the market. These ...
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Types of Guitar Effect Pedal

Guitar Effect Pedals – All Makes & Types

On the web site there is a full range of standard guitar effects pedals from all the well known brands like Boss effect pedalsMooer effect pedalsElectro-harmonix pedalsDigitech pedalsBehringer pedalsDonner pedals, Joyo pedals, and more. We ...
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4x ECC83 and 4x EL34 Matched Guitar Amplifier Valve Kit 11

Replacement Guitar Amplifier Valves (Tube Sets)

If you own a valve guitar amplifier then over time the valve performance will degrade and eventually fail. On our site you can buy guitar amplifier valves (tubes) either as a single item, as matched ...
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Rack Mounted Guitar Effects and Processors

Rack Mounted Music Processing and Effects Units

If you setting up a studio or are on a tour around concert venues then rack mounted guitar effects units, amplifiers and signal processors are a must. Check out the complete range of rack mounted ...
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MG412ACF Angled Speaker Cabinet

Speaker Cabinets for Guitar Amplifiers

Our web site includes many speaker cabinets for guitar amplifiers by all the major guitar amplifier manufacturers. We review the web sites and show comparison prices to allow you to source the products at the ...
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Guitar and Other Musical Instrument Accessories

Check out these Guitar and other Musical Instrumental Accessories. All the things you need to compliment your musical instrument set up. Items like Cables, Straps, Stands, Capo, Strings, Plectrums and much much more. For the ...
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