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The YUMAGOLD website has been created by for guitarists, other musicians and music producers to buy all the products required for making, recording and creating music. If you are a guitar player (bass or lead), play another musical instrument or are a music producer then we are sure you will find something of interest. If you are seeking new gear, either as an upgrade of new set up, and are keen to save money on your new guitar pedal or guitar amplifier then this is the website you are looking for. The yumagold uk website has been set up in a way to make it easy for you to find any product, review the specification, compare prices between suppliers and to buy your new guitar gear. From playing the guitar, bass and lots of other musical instruments, to setting up a home studio, or arranging a gig with your band there are products to cover all your requirements on the site. Use the search icon in the top right corner to search for your favorite guitar product like a specific guitar amplifier, a boutique guitar pedal manufacturer or any musical instrument product.

Save on Guitar Amplifier and Guitar Pedal Purchases

Take some time to review the guitar savings page as shown in the main menu as that is where the current top 35 price reductions on guitar amplifier and guitar pedal models by all the top brands. Check out the SAVING page first as there are many great offers on guitar amplifier, guitar pedal and lots more music instrument products to on offer. Follow us on Twitter for additional coupons and savings, plus, if you join the mailing list (shown at the bottom of this page) then you will receive emails listing the latest guitar savings.

Looking to Save on Guitar Pedal or Guitar Amplifier Models?

If you are looking to save money on that guitar pedal you have always wanted or are upgrading to a new guitar amplifier. Looking to buy any other musical instrument related products then visit the SAVINGS page in the top menu to review the Top 35 Guitar Gear Price Reductions. You will be taken to a page showing all the current price reduction on guitar, amplifier and effect pedal designs plus other guitar related gear. If you are looking for new guitar gear check out the special offers first as there may be a product there that will lead to savings.

In the special offers list you can sometimes find high quality guitar amplifier designs from the top brands like Marshall, Vox and Orange at ridiculously low prices. There are also many cheap guitar pedal effects to pick through. If you are upgrading your guitar amplifier or making a new guitar pedal board then the SAVINGS page is the place to start.

You will be surprised on how much you could save by looking at the comparison prices that are on offer on the yumagold site. We have selected the top guitar amplifier, guitar pedal and guitar products brands to allow you to review and choose the best prices on guitars, guitar amps, guitar pedals, guitar amp tube kits and other musical instrument gear.

Guitar Gear, Look Up, Compare Prices & Save – Product Category Quick Menu

Review the categories below to find the guitar pedal or guitar amp you are searching for.

Old School 51RT Head Guitar Amp by Mad Professor

Guitar Amplifiers : All Types and Makes

Use the images below to review and buy Guitar Amplifiers of All Types and Makes. On the yumagold uk website there is a wide range of guitar amplifiers available from all the major amplifier makers and most boutique amp brands. There are many types of guitar amplifier, and also many ...
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Types of Guitar Effect Pedal

Guitar Effect Pedals – All Makes & Types

Use the links below to find Guitar Effect Pedals of All Makes and Types. On the web site you will find a full range of guitar effect pedals available from all the well known effect brands plus many boutique guitar effects as used by professional guitarists around the world. All ...
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amplifier valves, amp valves, guitar amp valves, amp tube replacement, valves for guitar amplifiers, tubes for guitar amplifiers, guitar amp tube replacement

Replacement Guitar Amplifier Valves (Tube Sets)

If you own a valve guitar amplifier then over time the performance of the tubes will degrade and eventually they will fail, hopefully not in the middle of a gig. On the yumagold uk web site you can buy guitar amplifier valves (or tubes for guitar amplifiers) either as a ...
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Yuma Gold Valve Amplifiers

Musical Instrument Gear Help Guides

See below our Musical Instrument Gear Help Guides. These are mainly guitar related guides covering a wide range of subjects that will help you choose the right gear for the sound and the tone your desire. These guitar help guides will give you an insight into how the technology works ...
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Use the top menu to search for a product and we will show you a number of suppliers and the prices that are on offer.  The website shows the products in either product type, for instance guitar amplifiers or guitar pedals, as seen in the menu, and once you open the top level page you can choose the guitar pedal or guitar amp by brand name, so you can look up your favourite makes easily. Just choose the product you desire and then see the price comparison available, click on the best price and place your order. Every week we are adding new guitar amps and guitar pedals to the website, the newest are shown in the latest post section below. Also check the NEW button in the main menu for the latest guitar amplifier and guitar pedal models that we have added to the website.

Latest New Guitar Gear

We are adding the latest guitar amps, guitar pedals and studio gear to the yumagold website almost daily. Bookmark the site to stay up to date with new guitar gear or follow us on twitter for special offers and discounts on guitar amplifier and guitar pedal purchases.

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