5AR4 (GZ34) Rectifier Valve for Guitar Amplifier

The 5AR4 (GZ34) rectifier valve is used in the power supply circuit of valve guitar amplifiers to convert the input mains AC voltage from the power transformer to a DC voltage which can be used in the valve guitar amplifier circuit to amplify the input guitar signal. The GZ34 is an alternative name for the 5AR4 rectifier valve. The are a number of different rectifier valves that are used in guitar amplifiers therefore before buying a replacement check the manufacturers instruction booklet for your guitar amplifier. Read our Guide to Replacing Guitar Amplifier Valves. You can buy the 5AR4 rectifier valve below using the links. The yumagold.co.uk web site includes many different guitar amplifier valves for all the popular makes of guitar amplifier. Included in the site are links to buy single guitar amp valves, buy matched sets of power valves and complete amplifier tube sets. Use the links on this page to find your valve or amplifier.

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More About the 5AR4 (GZ34) Rectifier Valve for Guitar Amplifier

The 5AR4 (GZ34) rectifier valve an be found in most different valve guitar amplifier designs. If the guitar amplifier stops working all together or the fuse blows it could be an indication that the rectifier valve has failed. When choosing a replacement ensure it is compatible with your guitar amplifier design (consult the manufacturers instructions) as fitting the wrong rectifier valve could cause further costly damage to the amplifier circuit. When changing the rectifier valve great care should be taken as the rectified voltage is smoothed by capacitors which retain the charge that is stored within them.

Alternative to the 5AR4 Rectifier Valve

The GZ34 is an alternative to the 5AR4 rectifier valve.

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Is your Guitar Amplifier not performing like it did when new? Has the output sound begun to degrade and break up? Are you experiencing additional noise and distortion? If yes, then it is time to consider replacing some or all of the valves in your guitar amplifier. Guitar amplifier valves (or tubes as they are known in the USA) are robust and will work for many hours. Performance will be affected by mistreating them or allowing them to overheat. Generally the performance of vacuum tubes starts to degrades with the amount of time they are used and up to 1000 hours is typically the optimum life of a valve or tube. If the performance of your amplifier is failing then it is likely that some or all of the valves need replacement.

When replacing guitar amplifier valves it is best to use matched pairs as this will ensure the valves last as long as possible with the best sound quality. We have a full range of replacement guitar amplifier valves and matched sets available for the most popular amplifier types – see the links above.