6V6-GT Power Valve for Guitar Amplifier (Tube)

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The 6V6-GT Power Valve for Guitar Amplifier is a beam-power tetrode vacuum tube first introduced in 1936. Despite being designed over 80 years ago the 6V6-GT Power Valve for Guitar Amplifier is still used in audio systems, especially valve guitar amplifiers. The 6V6GT required less heater power and produced less distortion than the original 6F6. The 6V6 was suited for average home use, and became common in the audio output stages of table-top radios, car radios and portable radios.Now, eighty years after its introduction, and still retaining its original characteristics, the 6V6-GT Power Valve for Guitar Amplifier has one of the longest active lifetimes of any electronic component, having never been out of production in all this long period of time.

This ongoing demand encourages Chinese, Slovakian and Russian tube factories not only to keep the 6V6 in production to this day, but to further develop the supply. The 6V6 tends to be used in pairs in low powered valve amplifiers or in a quad configuration in higher power models. You can buy the 6V6-GT Power Valve for Guitar Amplifier below however depending on your guitar amplifier design you may need to buy a 6V6 matched pair of two specially tested valves. Check your guitar amplifier manual to find out the type and quantity of tubes that are required. You can also use the links below to look up your individual guitar amplifier and buy complete amplifier replacement valve kits.

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For some guitar amps you may need to by a matched set of guitar amp valves. See below.

More About the 6V6-GT Power Valve for Guitar Amplifier

Power Output Rating – The typical operation of an audio output stage for a single 6V6  produces about 5W of continuous power, and a push-pull pair about 14W. Guitar Amplifier manufacturers soon realized that the 6V6 tube was capable of being used at ratings above the recommended maximums, and guitar amplifiers with 400V on the plates of a pair of 6V6GTA claim to produce an output power of 20W and with 490V on the plates, as much as 30W RMS.

Guitar Amplifier Design – Although historically widely used in all manner of electronic goods, many of which are still in service, it is in guitar amplifiers where its use has become archetypal. Not only are there very many existing amplifiers in regular use that rely on the 6V6, with contemporary reproductions of the more iconic models still being made, modern designers are still keen to develop new creations that rely on its use. Generally speaking, 6V6 tubes are sturdy and can be operated beyond their published specifications. Because of this, the 6V6-GT Power Valve for Guitar Amplifier soon proved itself to be suitable for use in consumer-market musical instrument amplifiers, particularly combo-style guitar amps such as the Gibson GA-40, and the Fender Amplifiers; Champ, Princeton, and Deluxe, some of which drive their 6V6s well in excess of the datasheet specified maximum rating.

The 6V6 Amplifier Valve Family

  • 6V6G – Glass “Shouldered Tube” ST envelope.
  • 6V6GX – Glass “Shouldered Tube” ST envelope, Ceramic Base.
  • 6V6 – The metal envelope version of the 6V6.
  • 6V6GT – smaller “Glass Tube” T-9 envelope.
  • 6V6GTA – with a controlled warm-up period.
  • 6V6GTY – a GT with a low loss micanol brown base.
  • 7408 – 6V6GT with additional zero-bias characteristics.
  • 6V6S – A modern production, large plated tube, heater current 500mA, with a reputation of handling high voltage and current ratings, from JJ Electronic.
  • 6V6GT-STR – Modern production valve, STR signifying “Special Tube Request” Claiming to be heavy duty, suitable for high plate voltage.

There are also many military grade and alternative 6V6 tubes available on the market however these valves may not be suitable for use in guitar amplifiers.

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  • Matched sets of pre-amplifier and power output valves to ensure the maximum performance from your amplifier.

Buy Full Guitar Amp Re-Valve Kits

  • The best way to get the best from you guitar amplifier. By changing all of the valves as a complete set maximum performance from the amplifier can be assured. Changing individual valves can be a false economy as the one weak link in the chain will affect the overall performance.

Look Up Your Guitar Amplifier

Is your Valve Guitar Amplifier not performing like it did when it was new, or does it need repair? Has the output sound begun to degrade and break up? Are you experiencing additional noise and distortion? If yes, then it is time to consider replacing some or all of the valves in your guitar amplifier. Guitar amplifier valves (or tubes as they are known in the USA) are robust and will work for many hours. Performance will be affected by mistreating them or allowing them to overheat. Generally the performance of vacuum tubes starts to degrades with the amount of time they are used and up to 1000 hours is typically the optimum life of a valve or tube. If the performance of your amplifier is failing then it is likely that some or all of the valves need replacement.

When replacing guitar amplifier valves it is best to use matched pairs as this will ensure the valves last as long as possible with the best sound quality. We have a full range of replacement guitar amplifier valves and matched sets available for the most popular amplifier types – see the links above. Read our Guide to Replacing Guitar Amplifier Valves.