About YUMA GOLD : Guitar Gear Promotion and Savings Web Site

The YUMAGOLD Ltd business and web site has the following goals : –

  1. Design, manufacture and sale of YUMAGOLD branded musical instrument gear including valve guitar amps, custom guitar effects and replacement guitar amplifier valves.
  2. Promotion of guitar related gear manufactured by other brands. We analyse many online stores and present the products in a comparison list to allows buyers to see related pricing and potential savings that are available.
  3. Provide information on existing and new guitar gear. The YUMAGOLD site includes pages on guitar gear technical help guides, guitar amp reviews, guitar pedal reviews, guitar gear news and blog post on the latest guitar gear.

About YUMAGOLD Products

The site has been designed to display our own branded products and to promote products by other manufacturers. YUMAGOLD Limited is a UK based designer, manufacturer and retailer of high quality Valve Guitar Amplifiers and other music related products. These can be found in the top menu in YUMAGOLD products.

YUMAGOLD Custom Valve Guitar Amplifiers

We have our own range of custom made Guitar Valve Amplifiers, The range currently includes 5 models. Our hand-made valve guitar amplifiers are designed to replicate the original tones of the 50’s and 60’s amplifiers that created so many classic hit songs. The circuitry is hand wired and we will use modern manufacturing processes to ensure maximum reliability. Our guitar amplifiers are available to ship Worldwide. Our valve amplifiers can be modified upon request with a custom sound tailored to your needs.

Other Branded Guitar Gear

We have designed the web site to make it easy to search and look up all types and makes of guitar gear by using the search box in the top menu or the category dropdown at the bottom. We display a wide range of music related products that are manufactured by other Companies on our web site. The web site is constantly expanding and we are adding more products everyday.  Products are displayed in a price comparison format showing different suppliers. This is to allow users to choose the best deal.

We would like the site to become a “one-stop” shop for musicians and music producers to buy a wide range of music related products. Typical products includes Guitar Amplifiers, Speaker CabinetsGuitar Effects Units, Replacement Amplifier Valves. Visit our Web Store to see the complete range of products that we are currently showing on the web site or use the menu bar at the top. You can also search for products using the search bar.

Current Guitar Gear Deals.

Price Reductions on Guitars, Amplifiers, Effects and More
Price Reductions on Guitars, Amplifiers, Effects and More

The list below shows a small selection of the current special offers on musical instrument gear that are available from the web site.

Click on the image on the above to view the  CURRENT TOP-35 PRICE DROPS Included in the special offers are high quality products at amazing price reductions. Save money guitar amplifiers, find cheap guitar effect pedals and view savings on guitar speaker cabinets.

9 days ago
14% -£39.00
11 days ago
3 new from £124.00
1 used from £104.94
19% -£29.08

Guitar Gear Technical Help Pages

We have written a range of pages explaining some of the technical aspects of guitar related gear including circuit design, care and maintenance, how the technology works and some technical reviews. Read the guitar gear help pages and get the information you need to get the best from your gear and to find your own unique tone.

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Advertising Opportunities

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