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There are many different types and makes of ABY switch pedals on the market and, despite being very simplistic, that offer many different features and circuitry to achieve the same result. One problem which plagues guitar players is impedance matching and issues with long cable runs. Some high quality ABY pedals offer separate buffer circuits to eliminate the impedance and tone sapping problems. Check out the Tonebone Pedals by Radial Engineering for a range of high quality ABY pedals. As there are different types it is best to read the full description of the ABY pedal before buying to ensure it will do as you require.

There are many styles and manufacturers of ABY Switching Pedals to consider. Check out the product price comparison list for individual pedals or click on the product grid that is shown below to jump straight in and buy your new ABY switch pedal. An ABY guitar switch pedal is used to divert the signal chain from the guitar in to two separate paths. For instance it could be used to direct the guitar to two different guitar amplifiers or to two different guitar effect pedal loops. You can also use an ABY pedal, if stated in the specification, the other way to have two inputs fed to one output.

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Types of Guitar Effect Pedals

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