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There are many styles of guitar amplifier available. This page focuses on acoustic guitar amplifiers which are popular with solo artists where a clean acoustic guitar sound and a microphone is all that is required. More details about this style of guitar amplifier are available at the bottom of the page. Our web site features all types of guitar amplifier and if you are unsure about the differences we have written a brief explanation about each type on our Guitar Amplifiers Explained page.

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A Selection of Acoustic Guitar Amplifiers

Acoustic Guitar Amplifiers Explained

Ashdown Engineering ASH-WOODSMAN-CLASSIC Acoustic Guitar Combo
Ashdown Engineering ASH-WOODSMAN-CLASSIC Acoustic Guitar Combo

Acoustic guitar amplifiers are designed for use with acoustic guitars and other acoustic instruments. They are designed with a a special frequency response with minimal coloration leaving a very clean sound. To produce this relatively “clean” sound, these amplifiers often have a higher output power than would normally be required to ensure that no distortion is generated during use. Acoustic guitar amplifiers produce an uncolored, “acoustic” sound and often come with a simple mixer, so that the signals from a pickup and microphone can be blended, so a solo performer can connect the guitar and vocals to the same amplifier. It has become increasingly common for acoustic guitar amps to provide a range of digital effects, such as reverb echo, sound compression, digital delay and chorus. The higher quality designs will often include feedback-suppressing devices, such as notch filters or parametric equalizers.

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