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Acus One-forstrings-5 Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

See below the range of Acus Guitar Amplifiers that are available to buy online. Acus guitar amps are manufactured in Italy and are designed for solo performances where an acoustic guitar amp is required. Acus Sound Engineering is an Italian Company which designs and manufactures its entire line of products exclusively in Italy at Recanati. Acus was founded over 40 years ago. Acus acoustic guitar amplifiers, speakers cabinets and all electrical components are custom made. Acus’ designers have developed bi-amplified power sections with high bandwidth and slew-rate. In strategic positions of the pre-amplifiers are located specifics class A output stages and able to offers a very warm valve-like tone typical of studio amps. The sound cabinets are built in the Acus’ custom shop on an individual basis with sophisticated variations in design and choice of base materials within the parameters of the models. The loudspeakers are produced to Acus specification, with ultra light mass and fast transient response cones.

Acus manufacture a wide range of Acoustic Guitar Amps. See below our list of Acus guitar amplifiers that are available to buy online. On our website we access the web pages of different suppliers and list the products to make comparing the prices easy. You can then click through to the chosen supplier and buy the product, hopefully making a nice saving as well.

List of Acus Guitar Amplifiers

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Types of Guitar Amplifier

There are many different styles of guitar amplifier on the market, as can be seen from the list. Each guitar amplifier type is designed to either work with a specific type of guitar or to generate a specific sound type. For instance you would buy a Bass combo guitar amp to use with your bass guitar. There are also different styles of circuits used to generate the overall sound that is produced, the biggest difference being between tube guitar amplifier circuits and solid state guitar amplifier circuits. which became popular in the 70’s. The type of sound generate by a valve amplifier and a solid state are very different.

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