Acus One 6T Wood Acoustic Guitar Amplifier Combo (130W-106)

Acus One For Strings 6T V2 Black

The Acus One 6T Wood Acoustic Guitar Amplifier Combo works with acoustic guitars, vocals and other acoustic instruments, accentuating natural harmonics. It features 130 watt, 1 x 6″woofer, 1 x ring tweeter and bass reflex cabinet, four separately adjustable channels, channel 1 & 2 with jack input or balanced XLR input and switchable phantom power, channel 3 jack input, channel 4 with stereo RCA input, 3-band EQ per channel (bass, middle, treble), gain control per channel, master volume, digital reverb, balanced XLR DI output, line output and ground lift switch. This acoustic guitar amplifier has been specially developed to handle the complex frequency response requirements of this style of instrument. The Acus One 6T Wood Acoustic Guitar Amplifier Combo is perfect for solo performances with a guitar and microphone input.

The Acus One 6T Combo is available in either black or a wood finish, click here for the Acus One 6T Black. Compare Prices for Acus One 6T Wood Acoustic Guitar Amplifier Combo below.

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