Acus One Cremona Acoustic Guitar Amplifier Combo

Acus One Cremona · Acoustic Guitar Amp

The Acus One Cremona Acoustic Guitar Amplifier Combo is designed for use with stringed instruments like an acoustic guitar, classical guitar, violin and viola. This high quality acoustic amplifier is equipped with the Acus TSF System, an exclusive high fidelity audio pre-amplifier. The TSF system can create natural sounds and it reproduces accurately all the harmonics of high-quality acoustic instruments. The Acus One Cremona amplifier features 3 inputs (Mic-line) complete with peak LED, 4 band EQ, Effect Send and Volume, Aux input with dedicated Volume, Direct Out (with -10dB and PRE / POST), feedback cancel filter, headphone output and 4 high quality built in effects. Designed and produced in Italy.

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