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The AER brand is owned by AER Music, German company. AER are sellers of amplifier systems developed for use with acoustic instruments. The AER acoustic guitar amplifier range is extensive with many models and design types. AER guitar amplifiers are designed for use by solo performers and acoustic guitar players. The AER Amplifiers include special circuits to handle the sonic characteristics of an acoustic amplifier and the different pick up styles. The amplifiers commonly include two channels for guitar and microphone plus other features like reverb and compression. These acoustic guitar amplifiers are made to a high standard and are priced to reflect this quality. AER amps are used by a number of famous guitar players. There are now also AER amplifier systems available for electrical bass guitar and contrabass, electric guitar, small sound systems and a variety of accessories. Review the AER range of guitar amplifiers below.

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There are many different styles of guitar amplifier on the market, as can be seen from the list. Each guitar amplifier type is designed to either work with a specific type of guitar or to generate a specific sound type. For instance you would buy a Bass combo guitar amp to use with your bass guitar. There are also different styles of circuits used to generate the overall sound that is produced, the biggest difference being between tube guitar amplifier circuits and solid state guitar amplifier circuits. which became popular in the 70’s. The type of sound generate by a valve amplifier and a solid state are very different.

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