LN-314 Ammoon Echo Delay Guitar Effect Pedal

The LN-314 Ammoon Echo Delay Guitar Effect Pedal is part of the new ammoon nano series of pedals. This guitar echo pedal supports two types of echo effect, Modern and Normal, with three controls to adjust the volume, delay time and effect feedback. The LN-314 is a cheap guitar effect pedal that is functional, built in a sturdy case and has true bypass switching. This guitar effect pedal is powered by either a 9V battery or a guitar effect pedal power supply. A lot of manufacturers of cheap effect pedals make clones of famous or vintage pedals. This allows new guitarists to sample some great effects at a fraction of the price of the original. Review the clone guitar effect pedal list for more details.

Review the product details, and use the links shown to compare prices, suppliers and special offers for the LN-314 Ammoon Echo Delay Guitar FX Pedal below. Review the other guitar effect pedal manufacturers and also the current savings on guitar effect pedals.

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About Echo Guitar Effect Pedals

An echo effect pedal is used create multiple reflections of the guitar signal chain to thicken the sound before it enters the guitar amplifier. Echo pedals typically includes settings for mix, time and feedback. Models can range in price from the cheap Ammoon Echo Delay Pedal to the high quality boutique echo pedals like the Keeley Mag Echo and the Pigtronix Echolution Pro. A similar pedal to consider buying is a tape echo effect pedal as it has a more vintage sound.

About Ammoon Guitar Effect Pedals

The Ammoon American Sound Pedal is part of the Ammoon Guitar Effect Pedals range including Ammoon Echo Effect Pedal, Ammoon Nano Looper Effect Pedal, Ammoon Metal Distortion, Ammoon Equalizer, Ammoon Chorus, Ammoon guitar tuner pedal, Ammoon stereo looper pedal, Ammoon PockDrive overdrive pedal, Ammoon ultimate drive pedal, Ammoon dyno compressor pedal, Ammoon American Sound pedal, Ammoon vintage overdrive pedal, Ammoon tremolo fx pedal, Ammoon Auto Wah pedal, Ammoon Voodoo Octave pedal, Ammoon noise gate pedal, Ammoon analog delay pedal, Ammoon Vintage Phase pedal.

The Ammoon web site has no information regarding the design and manufacture of the ammoon guitar pedals that are being advertised and it does not state where the products are manufactured. As with many of the mini guitar effects pedals on the market it is possible that these are pedals manufactured in China by another Company and then rebranded. If this statement is wrong, let us know and we will update the website with the correct information. View the full list of Ammoon pedals.

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