Replacement Valve Kit for Carvin X100B (3 x ECC83 4 x 6L6GC)

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Listed below are Replacement Valve Kit for the Carvin X100B Guitar Amp. Click on the link below to be taken to the page where you can purchase full re-valve kits for your Carvin valve guitar amp and bring it back to peak performance. As guitar amplifier valves deteriorate with use, the tonal quality will be affected gradually over time. Buying single guitar amplifier power valves can be a false economy as most amps need matched valves. If the valves in the amplifier are not matched it will cause hum and reduce the life of the other valves. If you do not need the pre-amplifier valves we also have full matched sets of power valves on the site. Read the installation manual supplied with your guitar amplifier before buying and changing the valves. Go Back to the complete list of Carvin guitar amp valve sets.

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This Carvin Guitar Amp Tube Set Includes 3 x ECC83 4 x 6L6GC

This replacement guitar amp valve kit is for the Carvin X100B and includes 3 x ECC83 4 x 6L6GC guitar amplifier valves (tubes) and is suitable for this and other guitar amplifiers with the same configuration (read the manufacturers manual supplied with the amplifier for full details of the valves (or tubes) used within your amplifier. You can also buy the pre-amplifier and power valves for the Carvin X100B separately by using these links.

Replacement Guitar Amplifier Valve Kits Explained

This replacement valve kit is for the Carvin X100B and includes 3 x ECC83 4 x 6L6GC. All valve guitar amplifiers include a mixture of rectifier, pre-amplifier and power output valves (or tubes in the USA). The typical life of a valve is 1000 hours. As they operate together the performance of all the valves will degrade as time goes by. Buying a full replacement valve kit for your guitar amplifier is a great way to restore the overall sound and performance of your amp. These are full kits including all of the valves (or tubes) that are required to restore the performance and reliability of your guitar amplifier. The valves are fully tested and specially chosen for their sound characteristic and saved into matched sets including all of pre-amplifier and power valves required. Some kits also include the rectifier valve however if the kit does not include the rectifier these can be purchased separately as they do not need to be matched.

Why Change all of the Valves?

Yuma Gold Blues-30 Valve Amplifier
Yuma Gold Blues-30 Valve Amplifier

Buying a replacement valve kit for your Carvin X100B will ensure that the overall performance and reliability of your guitar amplifier will be restored to the original design standard. If you have owned your guitar amplifier from new then you will know if the valves have ever been changed however when buying a second-hand amplifier the age and usage of the valves may be unknown. Most valve guitar amplifiers have matched valves. This is where the characteristics of the valve have been tested and matched to other valves with the same values. Depending on the amplifier design the circuit may include both matched pre-amplifier valves and power output valves. With matched valves the amplifier will perform as designed, by fitting unmatched valves, the amplifier to become unreliable and noisy.

Yuma Gold Blues-15 Valve Amplifier
Yuma Gold Blues-15 Valve Amplifier

It can be a false economy buying single valves and inserting them into the existing circuit. If unmatched valves are used in the amplifier circuit it is highly likely that the output sound will be degraded. Using the guitar amplifier with unmatched valves may also lead to expensive damage to other parts of the circuit. When the amplifier is idle, both valves will draw a small amount of current. If both valves are matched and drawing the same current, and have the same amount of gain, they will do a good job of cancelling any mains hum and other noise inside the amplifier circuit. If the are not balanced (or matched) more hum will be present in the speaker. Also, it is likely that there will be a mismatch in the current drawn, resulting in one valve getting much hotter than the other valves in the amplifier which will reduce the life of the valve and the overall reliability of the amplifier.

Buying kits that have matched sets of valves will ensure the valves have been individually tested for the same bias current under identical conditions of plate voltage and grid bias voltage. Replacement Valve Kit for the Carvin X100B includes 3 x ECC83 4 x 6L6GC guitar amplifier valves.

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Tips for replacing guitar amplifier valves.

Once you have changed the valves in your amplifier make a note of the date. This can be by adding a sticker to the back of the amplifier. This will allow you to decide when is best to change them in the future. Guitar amplifier valves (or tubes) will operate under normal conditions for up to 1000 hours. After this they will start to degrade. You should consider buying a full re-valve kit as this will save money in the long run. If you are unsure about how to change valves or how to maintain your guitar amplifier at optimum performance read our Guide to Replacing Guitar Amplifier Valves