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If you own a valve guitar amplifier then over time the valve performance will degrade and eventually fail. On our site you can buy guitar amplifier valves (tubes) either as a single item, as matched valve sets supplied in pairs, quads, sextets etc that can be used to tune up your valve guitar amplifier or as complete valve guitar amplifier re-valve kit. Guitar amp valves are available for all of the major guitar amplifier brands. Looking for the best prices online for replacement guitar amplifier valves and tube sets? We have links to our own unique high specification amplifier valves and valves from all the major tube brands and suppliers of guitar amplifier valves.

Buy Guitar Amplifier Valves

Our replacement guitar amplifier valves (amp tube sets) can be purchased as:

Please note that it can be a false economy to just change a single valve as most amplifiers require matched sets to perform at the optimum levels. When changing one valve it can effect the performance, and reduce the life of, the remaining tubes. It is recommended by YUMAGOLD that you read the installation manual of your guitar amplifier to see what the manufacturer recommends in terms of how to and what is required when considering changing the valves or tubes in your amp. Click on the links above to find out more about the individual guitar amplifier valves, which popular amplifiers they are used on and how to purchase. The replacement guitar amplifier valves are manufactured by all the major tube manufacturers around the World. If you are unsure of how to care for your guitar valve amplifier read our Guide to Replacing Guitar Amplifier Valves.

Buy Single Guitar Amplifier Valves & Tubes

Click on the links below to buy single guitar amp valves, however, read the instructions for your guitar amp first as some guitar amp circuits require matched pairs or matched quads.

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Below are the makes of valve guitar amplifiers, click on the link and it will show a list of all the amps made by that guitar amp maker.

Why Change Your Guitar Amp Valves?

The valves (or tubes as they are known in the USA) have a limited life of around 1000 hours before they start to degrade. Once they degrade the tonal quality of your amplifier will be effected. You may notice greater distortion or noise (hum). This will indicate that the valves need changing.

Guitar Valve Amplifier Technology Explained

YUMAGOLD Branded Guitar Amplifier Valves

Yuma Gold 6V6GT Guitar Amplifier Valve
Yuma Gold 6V6GT Guitar Amplifier Valve

We are currently working with a major vacuum tube manufacturer to develop our own range of high quality Guitar Amplifier Valves with unique characteristics. These high quality guitar amplifier tubes will include the YUMAGOLD logo and have been specially selected to provide the best tone, optimum performance and maximum reliability. The image shows the new YUMAGOLD 6V6GT guitar amplifier valve in development. The final range, when launched, will include all the major valves numbers as used in most valve guitar amplifier design.

View our complete range of Guitar Amplifiers

View our complete range of Guitar Amplifiers

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