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Analog Chorus Guitar Pedals are used to recreate the sound of multiple notes being played at the same time with similar pitch and time factors. When the effect is produced successfully, none of the constituent sounds are perceived as being out of tune. This creates a rich, shimmering effect that would be absent if the sound came from a single source. Chorus effect pedals are one of the most popular effects that are used by guitarists and they can be used to shape the sound and to create interesting effects within songs and can be heard on many famous tracks. The Chorus effect is very similar to the effect that is achieved by vibrato pedals and vibe pedals and you will often see chorus pedals on the market that offer those effects in the same stompbox with a switch to select which version you require. Overall, chorus is just a modulation effect, taking the original signal from the guitar pickups and adding extra layers that are then blended back in with the original sound to thicken and enhance it. The controls normally adjust the time factor and depth of the additional signals. If set incorrectly this can make the signals sound out of tune, however, is used and set up correctly a chorus guitar pedal can be an excellent addition to a guitar players arsenal.

Due to the popularity of the chorus effect there are a wide range of chorus effect pedals on the market from a large number of manufacturers. Analog chorus guitar pedals use analogue circuits to modify the incoming guitar signal and generate the chorus effect. There is an audible difference between a digital chorus pedal and an analogue chorus pedal and I have gone into more detail about this below. Analogue guitar pedals tend to a warmer, or more natural sound, or tone.

Chorus pedal versions range from analog chorus pedals, as shown below, to digital chorus pedals and these are then both available in stereo chorus pedal versions that have stereo output capability. This means that when you use a stereo chorus pedal on your pedal board you can route the output signal to two separate amplifiers or to separate channels on a mixing desk, left and right. When the amplifiers are separated and the stereo chorus guitar pedal is used they overall sound will pan from left to right, based on the control settings, and provide a wider, spacial, effect. Brian May of Queen is renowned for using stereo guitar pedals as it provides him with a whole new range of sounds.If you are unsure of the difference between analog and digital effects this is explained below.

Check out popular examples of Analogue Chorus Guitar Pedals by leading boutique guitar pedal companies like the CKK Water drop analog chorus pedal, the Maxon pure analog chorus pedal, the JHS Emperor analog chorus pedal and the EHX Neo Clone analog chorus pedal. for a cheaper one to try look for the Biyang CH-8 analog chorus pedal. There are more versions shown and listed below.

Analog Chorus versus Digital Chorus Guitar Pedals

There are possibly four types of chorus guitar pedal to consider, analog or chorus circuitry, mono or stereo output. The choice depends on your personal preference however if we look at the circuit first. What is analog or digital? It is how the electrical current, signal is transmitted, and shaped within the pedal. With the analog chorus guitar pedal the signal is continuous and not changed however in a digital chorus guitar pedal the input analog signal is passed through an analog to digital (A/D) converter and, as the name suggests, converted to binary code, a series of 0s and 1s. processed unadulterated whereas the signal of a digital pedal is made up of various individual points. In order for a digital pedal to work, the signal is passed through an analog to digital (A/D) converter that will translate it into a series of 0s and 1s. The silicone chips in the pedal then shape the code in line with your control settings, then the signal will pass through a digital to analog (D/A) converter so you can get a audio signal output of. As the digital process is very clinical in how it modifies the signal, the output is not as warm or natural sounding as an analog chorus pedal will be. It is a matter of choice, but personally, I like analog guitar pedals the most.

The output type, stereo or mono, is your choice also. A stereo chorus guitar pedal can be routed to two different amps for the ultimate spacial effect, however if your not that bothered, mono will normally do just fine.

Types of Chorus Guitar Pedal

Buy Analog Chorus Guitar Pedals

Review the product price comparison list for individual pedals or click on the product grid that is shown below to jump straight in and buy your new Chorus pedal. These are current Chorus Guitar Pedals as advertised online at various stores. Select a model and you will be taken to a page to review the specification and place your order.

A selection of Analog Chorus Guitar Pedals

If you click on a link below it will take you to a seperate page where it will shows various suppliers and prices for the same product. If you just want to make a quick choice then check out the product grid below the list.

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