Ashdown AA-100-R Acoustic Guitar Amplifier Combo (100W-405)

The Ashdown AA-100-R Acoustic Guitar Amplifier Combo (100W-405) continues the tradition of high quality acoustic guitar amplifiers from Ashdown Engineering. The Ashdown AA-100-R includes many professional and up-to-date features giving you the tools required for the modern-day acoustic performance. The two channel Ashdown AA-100 amplifier provides up to 100w of clean acoustic tone from a cabinet constructed using high quality plywood, covered in Tolex vinyl and loaded with 4 custom made 5-inch Celestion Speakers. As you would expect from an Ashdown design, the AA-100-R is stacked with features including Bluetooth connectivity that enables wireless audio to be played via a Bluetooth connected device for practicing and listening. The AA-100-R front panel is well-organized and easy to set up. Channel 1 is the instrument channel and features Passive and Active inputs with Gain, Bass and Treble rotary controls. Channel 2, reserved for microphones, features a single XLR input with phantom power switch and gain control.The Reverb division allows for reverb to be switched on/off for each channel independently.A master 5-band graphic EQ and adjustable notch fillter makes it possible to fine tune your tone depending on your preference and room size, whilst a 16 position rotary control lets the player choose from a host of pre-set reverbs from room to hall to delay, chorus settings, designed to thicken and add space to your natural sound when required.

On the rear of the Ashdown AA-100-R Acoustic Guitar Amplifier Combo there are, post and pre-EQ XLR DI outputs allow the player to connect into a PA for larger gigs. There’s also an effects loop, line input and output feeds, and lastly a balanced line input. Check out prices below for the Ashdown AA-100-R Acoustic Guitar Amplifier Combo, click on the best offer and move to the merchant website to place your order. Also check out the other Ashdown Acoustic guitar amplifiers and Acoustic guitar amplifiers made by other manufacturers. Ashdown is a well known brand specialising in bass guitar combo amplifiers, bass guitar head amplifiers and bass guitar effect pedals.

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Acoustic Guitar Amplifiers Explained

Acoustic guitar amplifiers like the Ashdown AA-100-R Acoustic Guitar Amplifier Combo are designed for use with an acoustic guitar and other acoustic instruments. They are designed with a frequency response with minimal coloration. To produce this relatively “clean” acoustic sound, acoustic guitar amps often have a higher output power than would normally be required to ensure that no distortion is generated during a performance. Acoustic guitar amplifiers produce an uncolored, “acoustic” sound. When you buy acoustic guitar amps they normally come with a simple mixer, so that the signals from a pickup and condenser microphone can be blended, so a solo performer can connect the guitar and vocals to the same amplifier.

It has become increasingly common for acoustic guitar amps to provide a range of digital effects, such as reverb echo effect, sound compression effect, digital delay effect and the popular chorus effect. The higher quality acoustic guitar amplifier designs will often include feedback-suppressing devices, such as notch filters or parametric equalizers. Looking to buy the Ashdown AA-100-R Acoustic Guitar Amplifier Combo? Our site is set up to collect online prices and to display them so that you can get the best deal.

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