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There are many styles of guitar amplifier available. This page focuses on bass combo guitar amplifiers for use with a bass guitar however some blues guitarists also prefer a bass guitar amplifier for use with a lead guitar.

Our web site features all types of guitar amplifier and if you are unsure about the differences we have written a brief explanation about each type on our Guitar Amplifiers Explained page. Click on the links below to see examples of the individual Bass Combo Guitar Amplifiers.

A Selection of Bass Combo Guitar Amplifiers (See bigger list below)

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More Bass Combo Guitar Amplifiers

Bass Combo Guitar Amplifiers Explained

Ashdown RM-C210T-500-EVO 500W 2x10 Rootmaster Combo
Ashdown RM-C210T-500-EVO 500W 2×10 Rootmaster Combo

Bass guitar combo amplifiers are specially designed to work with the low frequency generated by these low pitched instruments. While bass amplifiers share most of the same features of a lead guitar amplifier there is additional circuitry to handle the low-frequency sound generated by the bass guitar. Most good quality bass guitar amplifiers will include an EQ section and possibly other effects. A combo amplifier has the power section and speakers mounted within the same cabinet. Due to the low frequency the cabinet must be very sturdy and the speakers are typically larger.

This makes bass combo amplifiers larger and heavier than standard guitar amplifiers which also means the units can be difficult to transport. Some brands specialise in this style of amplifier , examples are Ampeg bass amps, Gallien Grueger bass amps and Ashdown bass amps also check out the new Blackstar Unity bass guitar amps.

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