Bass Guitar Amplifiers and Speaker Cabinets

There are many different styles of guitar amplifier on the market, each designed to either work with either a specific type of guitar or a type of circuitry. There are also different styles of circuits used to generate the overall sound that is produced. Bass guitar amplifiers require special circuitry and speaker systems to handle the low frequency sound generated by the heavy bass strings.

Bass Guitar Amplifiers and Speaker Cabinets

Hartke HD150 150w Bass Guitar Combo Amplifier
Hartke HD150 150w Bass Guitar Combo Amplifier

A bass guitar amplifier is different from other guitar amplifiers as they are specially designed to work with the low frequency generated by the bass guitar. While bass amps share the same features of a lead guitar amp there is additional circuitry added. to handle low-frequency sound reproduction.

Most good quality bass guitar amplifiers will include an EQ section and possibly other bass related effects. The distinction is design style also affects the design of the loudspeaker cabinet. Bass speaker cabinets will include bigger speakers and have a sturdy construction. Some bass guitar amplifier brands have specialised for years in manufacturing this style of low frequency guitar amp. Check out brands like ampeg bass ampsashdown bass ampsgallien krueger bass amps and trace elliot bass amps as these are commonly used by professional players.

Modern brands like Blackstar have now released the new blackstar unity bass guitar range.

On the site you can also buy bass head guitar amps and buy bass combo guitar amps. We also have links to allow you to buy bass guitar effect pedals.

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