Behringer BT108 Ultrabass Bass Practice Amp (15W)

Behringer BT108 Ultrabass 15W Bass Amplifier

The Behringer BT108 Ultrabass Bass Practice Amp (15W) is an ultra compact bass guitar amplifier combo with a 15W output and VTC-Technology and an original 8″ Bugera Speaker. This is a bass guitar practice amp available at a reasonable price and built to a high standard. Practice guitar amplifiers are perfect for studio, jam session and home playing due to the lower power output. If looking for a practice amplifier make sure there is a headphone socket and an mp3 input as these are essential for learning and practice.

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Behringer BT108 Ultrabass : Bass Guitar Combo Amplifier

A combo bass guitar amplifier like, Behringer BT108 Ultrabass 15W Bass Amplifier , includes both the amplifier and speaker within the same cabinet. A bass guitar amplifier is different from other amplifiers as they are specially designed to work with the low frequency generated by the bass guitar. While bass amps share the same features with a lead guitar amplifiers with additional circuitry to handle low-frequency sound reproduction.

This distinction also affects the design of the loudspeaker cabinet including bigger speakers and sturdy construction. Most good quality bass guitar amplifiers will include an EQ section and possibly other effects. Some bass guitar amplifier brands specialise in manufacturing this style of guitar amplifier, for example profession bass players normally buy ampeg bass amps, ashdown bass amps, gallien krueger bass amps and now modern brands like Blackstar have released the new blackstar unity bass guitar range. On the site you can also buy bass head guitar amps and buy bass combo guitar amps. We also have links to allow you to buy bass guitar effect pedals. Looking to buy the Behringer BT108 Ultrabass 15W Bass Amplifier?, check the product listing to compare prices and select the best deal. Also, look at the guitar amp price reduction page for special offers.

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