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Today we are talking about the Biyang Pedal Clone List. On this page we have created links below to some popular guitar effect pedals and the possible Biyang pedal clones to consider buying if you cannot afford the original model. Over the last few years there has been an explosion in the number of new Chinese guitar effect pedal companies appearing on the market. Many of these pedals are mass produced, cheaply made and are based on vintage effect pedal circuits or are based on other best selling products made by famous pedal brands. An example of this are Boss effect pedals which have been popular since the 80s and are seen on many famous guitar player pedal boards. Many of the old popular boss effect pedals have spawned cheap clones.

Old vintage guitar effect pedals currently change hands for large sums of money and the many chinese effect pedal clones have opened the door to many guitarists to sample these vintage effect sounds without the need to take out a bank loan. Biyang are one of the companies who have launched a number of clone pedals and we have grouped these together and listed them below in our Biyang Pedal Clone List.

Biyang Pedal Clone List – Guitar FX Pedals

Clone effect pedals can never be expected to be as good as the original pedal was, or still is, they are generally cheaper and therefore the circuit may have some components that have been chosen for the low cost not the performance. That said, unless you are a professional musician who need perfect noise characteristics or maximum reliability tehn a clone effect pedal may do a good job, at a fraction of the price.

We have listed the possible Biyang clones below along with the original vintage pedal or popular model they are designed to emulate. Click on the biyang clone pedal link to allow you to check out the prices and suppliers that are available. There are also links to the originals so you can also consider buying those.

Check Out Our Biyang Clone List

Shown are the original effect pedal and possible biyang pedal clones to consider

#1 – Ibanez Tubescreamer Overdrive Pedal if you are interested in the sound from this iconic guitar pedal then check out the Biyang OD-8 Tubescreamer Overdrive Pedal or the Biyang OD-10 Mad Driver Overdrive Pedal

#2 – EHX Big Muff Pi Fuzz Effect Pedal another iconic pedal but there are possible cheaper alternatives including the Biyang FZ-10 Fuzz Pedal

#3 – Pro Co RAT distortion pedal – check out the Biyang DS-8 Mouse Distortion Pedal

#4 – MXR Dyna Comp compressor pedal – check out the Biyang CO-10 Compressor Pedal

#5 – MXR Phase 90 phaser pedal – check out the Biyang PH-10 Phaser Pedal

#6 – Boss BD-2 Blues Driver pedal – check out the Biyang BL-8 Blues Driver Pedal

#7 – Boss CE-2 Chorus pedal – check out the Biyang CH-10 Analog Chorus Pedal

#8 – Boss DM-3 Analog Delay pedal – check out the Biyang AD-10

#9 – Boss GE-7 7 Band Equaliser pedal – check out the Biyang EQ-7 Graphic Equaliser Pedal

Consider also the Biyang Tonefancier FX Pedal Range

The Biyang effect pedal range includes a higher spec range of pedals that are reported to be built to much higher quality. This is the Biyang tonefancier pedal series and a lot of the pedals in the range are clones of other popular effect pedal models.

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