Blackstar HT-1R Valve Guitar Amplifier Head and Combo (1W)

Blackstar HT 1R Combo Reverb Guitar Amplifier

The Blackstar HT-1R Valve Guitar Amplifier Head and Combo (1W) is the perfect valve practice amplifier, packing all the great tone and innovative features of the award-winning Blackstar HT-5 valve amplifier with only a 1W output, perfect for studio and home practice.  This Blackstar guitar amplifier is anvailable with both a valve combo amp layout and a valve head amp layout, if you buy the valve head version you will need to buy a matching speaker cabinet. The patented Blackstar ISF (Infinite Shape Feature) circuit gives you infinite adjustment over the characteristics of the tone control network and gives you the tones of vintage US and UK guitar amplifiers plus many more. Add a fully specified speaker emulated output, MP3/ Line Input, plus an 4-16Ω speaker output and you have everything you need for recording or practicing.

The Blackstar HT-1R has a tube compliment of 1xECC83 and 1xECC82 and a push-pull power amp design. On the Combo version there is an 8″ speaker. Review the product details, and use the links shown to compare prices, suppliers and special offers for the Blackstar HT-1R Valve Guitar Amplifier Head and Combo (1W) below. Review the other valve practice amplifiers and Blackstar guitar amplifiers that are available to review and buy online from internet music stores. There are also a range of cheap practice guitar amplifiers to consider.

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Blackstar HT-1R : Valve Guitar Amplifiers Explained

The Blackstar HT-1R Valve Guitar Amplifier Head and Combo (1W) is a valve guitar amplifier. The valve guitar amp circuit includes valves, or tubes as they are known in the USA, in both the pre-amplifier and the power output circuits. Valve head guitar amps have a unique tone quality and are the favorite of most professional guitar players. Most valve guitar amplifier designs are based on classic valve amp designs, upgraded with modern fabrication methods. There are also boutique valve amps available custom made to individual players specs.

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