BlackStar LT-BOOST Guitar Signal Booster Pedal

Blackstar LT Boost Guitar Effect Pedal (NEW)

The BlackStar LT-BOOST Guitar Signal Booster Pedal is an extremely flexible pedal and can be used into a clean amp as a volume boost, an additional equalisation stage, or to drive your amplifier into dynamic overdrive. The unique clipping circuit has been designed to behave in the same way as Blackstar’s HT pedals and the simple layout makes it easy to use. Blackstar’s patent-applied-for clipping circuit delivers amazing valve-like guitar tone and compression for a wide variety of playing styles. This guitar booster pedal features a simple and effective layout including Gain, Bass and Treble controls. Powered via 9v or power supply.

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About Boost Driver Guitar Pedals

A boost pedal or driver pedal the simplest of all gain-based guitar pedals, boosters do exactly what they say. Taking the signal from the guitar pick up and boosting the volume of the signal. A boost pedal acts like an extra gain stage on the amplifier input. If used correctly a booster pedal can be a very versatile addition to your guitar pedal board adding extra flavor to the guitar signal chain and overall sound. Guitar booster pedals were among the earliest effect pedals to be launched, first being marketed as treble boosters. In the 60s, many famous players used treble boosters to push their valve driven Marshall guitar amps and Vox guitar amps to achieve a smooth, natural-sounding distortion. Afterwards overdrive pedals and distortion pedals were introduced giving extra functionality. Booster pedals have been used by players like Eric Clapton,  Jimmy Page and Brian May.

Chose your booster pedal wisely, cheap is not always the way to go as cheap booster pedals can result in a harsh distorted sound. Consider a mid-priced or more expensive boutique booster pedals as made by boutique pedal makers have extra circuitry to shape the complete sound. include the Keeley D&M Drive Pedal, the Fulltone OCD Obsessive Compulsive Drive, the Blackstar HT Dual Booster Pedal, the sleek looking Danelectro Billion Dollar Boost and the Electro Harmonix Screaming Bird Pedal.

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About BlackStar Effect Pedals

The BlackStar LT-BOOST Guitar Signal Booster Pedal is one of many types of Blackstar Guitar Effect Pedals that are available to review and buy online from internet music stores. The BlackStar guitar pedal effects range includes all styles of effect. BlackStar Amplification is a UK-based producer of guitar amplifiers and effects pedal and rack units. Effects are manufacturered at factories around the World. Blackstar’s award-winning, valve-driven HT pedals are a key part of the company’s success and grace the pedalboards of professional players around the globe. The Blackstar LT range is a series of 5 compact boost, overdrive and distortion pedals tonally derived from the award-winning HT Pedals range. The clipping circuit delivers amazing valve-like tonal performance and valve-like responsiveness for a wide variety of playing styles. Featuring rugged metal construction for durability. In addition, the LT DIST offers the lowest cost option ever for players who want to get their hands on Blackstar’s patented ISF control. The revolutionary, tone shaping ISF (Infinite Shape Feature) will redefine your tonal expectations. The HT Range of award-winning valve overdrive pedals feature true high voltage (300V) circuitry. View the full list of BlackStar Guitar Effect Pedals.

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