BluGuitar NANOCAB Guitar Speaker Cabinet (60W-112)

BluGuitar NANOCAB Combo Guitar Amplifiers

The BluGuitar NANOCAB Guitar Speaker Cabinet design was inspired by the excellent performance of the BluGuitar FATCAB, complimentary to the BluGuitar AMP1 boutique guitar amp. With a 60W rating and single 12” speaker set within an adjustable open back cabinet. The cabinet opening can bet set to your playing style and resonance needs. Perfect for clean, crunched or high gain – jazz, blues or rock – the combination of NANOCAB and the AMP1 amplifier sounds perfect. The NANOCAB produces a really big sound fits in a suitcase and can even be easily transported.

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BluGuitar NANOCAB : Amplifier Speaker Cabinet

A speaker cabinet, like the BluGuitar NANOCAB Guitar Speaker Cabinet, is required where a “head” style guitar amplifier is being used. The choice of speaker cabinet type and design is critical to ensure the maximum quality of sound and reliability of the amplifier being used. Things which must be considered include the resistance or impedance (ohms) and power output (W) from the amplifier. If a 100W amplifier is connected to a 20W cabinet the speaker will not last very long.

Most manufacturers of head guitar amplifiers will provide a matched amplifier speaker cabinet with the correct speaker impedance and power ratings to ensure the sound generated is clean and the overall set up is reliable. The primary role of the speaker cabinet is to prevent sound waves generated by the rearward-facing surface of the diaphragm of an open speaker driver interacting with sound waves generated at the front of the speaker driver. Because the forward- and rearward-generated sounds are out of phase with each other and would cause distortion and echo. The enclosure also plays a role in managing vibration. Looking to buy the BluGuitar NANOCAB Guitar Speaker Cabinet? check the product listing to compare prices and select the best deal. Also, look at the guitar amp price reduction page for special offers.

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