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Boutique guitar amps are becoming increasingly popular due to their use by famous bass and lead guitarists searching for their own special sound or tone. The guitar rigs of most famous guitar players will probably include at least one boutique guitar amp, or two, from respected guitar amp design and manufacturing companies like friedman ampsmagnatone amps or supro amps. No doubt their pedal board will also include will a few boutique guitar effect pedals as well. Boutique guitar amps are normally hand made, in small production runs, and include special design features. Most importantly they have reliability designed in. This is achieved by using specially selected quality components.

However, in order to achieve this level of quality there is a cost penalty. These are not the cheapest guitar amps out there on the market, but they are probably the best. If you are a professional guitar player then you need to be looking to buy a boutique guitar amplifier. The range includes boutique combo guitar amps and boutique head guitar amps to choose from. See the boutique guitar amp manufacturer list below.

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Due to this popularity some boutique guitar amp makers are increasingly working with professional musicians and famous guitar players to create their own unique version of a vintage amplifier design, the final creation is then made available to the general public. An example of this would be Steve Stevens (aka Billy Idol band) who can always be seen playing live using friedman guitar amps and even has his own specially designed friedman amplifiers. Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top has been seen on stage using supro amplifiers.

Famous guitar players are also attracted to the vintage valve guitar amplifier tone of the 50s and 60s.

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Popular boutique guitar amplifier manufactures include Mesa Boogie Amps, Supro  Amps, Friedman AmplificationRiviera Amps and Bugera Amps. A good example of a quality boutique guitar amplifier range are the tube guitar amps manufactured by Supro of the USA which come in many circuit designs and have a vintage look and styling. More details about boutique guitar amps are available at the bottom of the page.

Our web site features all types of guitar amplifier and if you are unsure about the differences we have written a brief explanation about each type on our Guitar Amplifiers Explained page. Click on the links below to see examples from some of of the individual Boutique Guitar Amplifier Manufacturers.

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What are Boutique Guitar Amplifiers?

Friedman Dirty Shirley DS-40 · Guitar Amp Head
Friedman Dirty Shirley DS-40 · Guitar Amp Head

Boutique guitar amplifiers are typically hand built with the intention of being much better than the mass-produced variety offered by large companies. In the majority of cases, this is reflected in the price. Sometimes they are clones of older designs, often with minor improvements or alterations in layout or circuit design, however some are totally new designs with unique features. An example is  Supro guitar amps.

California company Mesa Boogie can lay claim to being perhaps the earliest boutique amp company: their late 1960s Mark series, based on the Fender Princeton guitar amplifier but “hot-rodded”. Once on the market Mesa Boogie quickly established a reputation for tone and volume, and was used by, among others, Carlos Santana. Since the advent of the boutique guitar amplifier age, larger companies have released reissues of their own classic designs, touting their faithfulness to the original sound and the labor-intensive building process.

Some common features of boutique guitar amplifiers include point-to-point or turret board construction, heavy-duty chassis, specially selected NOS vacuum tubes (valves), and high-end electronic parts and speakers. Other notable boutique guitar amplifier brands are supro amplifiers, friedman amplifiers, bogner amplifiers, old school amplifiers and honkin toms amplifiers.

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