Boutique Guitar Effect Pedals

Boutique Guitar Effect Pedals are very popular with professional musicians who require durability, reliability and also a little extra from their guitar effect pedals. Some top guitarists have even approached these manufacturers with a special request or requirement leading to the development of a new and exciting pedal which can be purchased by everyone. Boutique guitar effect pedals are designed by smaller, independent companies and are typically produced in limited quantities. Some of these guitar effects are hand-made, with hand-soldered connections. These pedals are mainly distributed online, through mail-order, sold in a limited number of music stores and also by referrals. When buying a Boutique Guitar Effect Pedal you will experience higher quality effects designed to be used by the top electric guitar players around.

Due to the fact that these boutique guitar effect pedals are generally hand made the prices can be considerably more expensive than mass-produced guitar effect pedals. This is due to the manufacturing process as these pedals offer higher-quality components, innovative designs, in-house-made knobs, and hand-painted artwork or etching. Some boutique guitar effect pedal companies focus on re-creating classic or vintage guitar effects. These are then modified with modern components to create unique sounds while increasing the reliability of the product.

Typical boutique guitar effect manufacturers include companies like Earth Quaker Devices, Dr.JRobert Keeley, Voodoo LabsStrymon, Red Witch, and Way Huge and many many more as listed below. As can be seen in the Keeley Delay Workstation image below the level of effect and adjustment is extensive. This allows for a much more sculptured sound and guitar effect range.

Types of Boutique Guitar Effect Pedal

Keeley Delay Workstation · Boutique Guitar Effect Pedals
Keeley Delay Workstation · Guitar Effect

Boutique Guitar Effect Pedal Manufacturer

Boutique guitar effect pedals are becoming popular with guitarists who no longer want cheap mass made pedals which are built on a tradition of cost cutting and profit making. We have gathered together a number of the best boutique guitar effect pedal manufacturers from around the world. Buy choosing a boutique made effect you can follow in the footsteps of many famous guitarists who require high quality and reliable effects. Review the list of boutique effect manufacturers below.

Our web site has many comparison prices for Guitar Effect Pedals – all makes and types. You can use this link to review the full range of guitar effect pedal manufactuers or use this link to choose guitar effect pedal by type of effect. For instance if you require a distortion effect pedal click on the distortion link on the page and you will be shown a wide range of distortion effect pedals by different manufacturers like Joyo, Behringer, Boss, Zoom etc plus many more.

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