Bugera V5 Infinium Tube Guitar Amplifier Combo

Bugera V5 INFINIUM Class A Tube Amplifier Combo

Sporting a gorgeous vintage look and feel, theBugera V5 Infinium Tube Guitar Amplifier Combo serves up 5 beautiful, tube-soaked, Class-A Watts in all your favorite flavors through an amazing, class-leading 8″ Bugera Turbosound speaker. Additionally, the Bugera V5 Infinium features an integrated high-definition Reverb; a built-in 2-way Power Attenuator, so you can achieve the ultimate sound at any volume and an extremely versatile Vintage Equalizer with Tone control for sculpting the sound of your dreams. The Bugera V5 also includes the Infinium Tube Life Multiplier Technology that extends tube life by up to 20 times, so you can spend more time playing your music. This is a practice valve guitar amplifier that provides those vintage tones of the 50s.

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Bugera V5 Infinium : Valve Combo Guitar Amplifiers

Bugera V5 Infinium Tube Amplifier Combo, is a combo style guitar amplifier which has the tube amplifier circuit board and the speaker within the same specially designed cabinet. The valve guitar amp circuit includes valves, or tubes as they are known in the USA, in both the pre-amplifier and the power output circuits. Valve head guitar amps have a unique tone quality and are the favorite of most professional guitar players. Most valve guitar amplifier designs are based on classic valve amp designs, upgraded with modern fabrication methods. There are also boutique valve amps available custom made to individual players specs.

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