Caline Clone List – Guitar Effect Pedal Clones

Today we are talking about the Caline Clone List. On this page we have created links below to some popular guitar effect pedals and then generated a possible Caline clone list. The alternative Caline effect pedals are available to consider buying if you cannot afford the original model. Over the last few years there has been an explosion in the number of new Chinese guitar effect pedal companies appearing on the market. Many of these pedals are mass produced, cheaply made and are based on vintage effect pedal circuits or are based on other best selling products made by famous pedal brands. An example of this are Boss effect pedals which have been popular since the 80s and are seen on many famous guitar player pedal boards. Many of the old popular boss effect pedals have now spawned cheap clones.

Old vintage guitar effect pedals currently change hands for large sums of money and the many chinese effect pedal clones have opened the door to many guitarists to sample these vintage effect sounds without the need to take out a bank loan. Caline are one of the companies who have launched a number of clone pedals and we have grouped these together and listed them below in our Caline Clone List.

Caline Clone List – Guitar Effect Pedal Clones

When buying a Clone guitar effect pedal it can never be expected to be as good as the original pedal was as they are generally cheaper and therefore the circuit may have some components that have been chosen for the low cost not the performance. That said, unless you are a professional musician who need perfect noise characteristics or maximum reliability then a clone effect pedal may do a good job, at a fraction of the price.

We have listed the possible Caline clone pedals below along with the original model they may have been designed to emulate. Click on the caline clone pedal link to allow you to check out the prices and suppliers that are available. There are also links to some of the originals so you can consider buying those.

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Shown below are the original effect pedal and possible Caline pedal clones to consider.

CP-11 = Dunlop Silicon Fuzz Face pedal try the Caline CP-11 Puffer fuzz pedal
CP-12 = Paul Cochrane Timmy pedal try the Caline CP-12 Pure Sky delay pedal.
CP-14 = Carl Martin Plexitone pedal try the Caline CP-14 English Man distortion pedal
CP-15 = Electro Harmonix metal muff pedal try the Caline CP-15 heavy metal pedal.
CP-16 = Noahs Ark Distortion pedal try the Caline CP-16 mark 4 distortion pedal
CP-18 = Xotic BB Preamp pedal try the Caline CP-18 Orange Burst overdrive pedal.
CP-19 = Mad Professor Deep Blue pedal try the Caline CP-19 Blue Ocean delay pedal
CP-20 = Fulltone Full Drive pedal try the Caline CP-20 Crazy Cacti overdrive pedal
CP-21 = Wampler Plexidrive or Fulltone OCD pedal try the Caline CP-21 Rock Face distortion pedal.
CP-24 = MXR 10-band EQ pedal try the Caline CP-24 10 band eq pedal.
CP-25 = Xotic RC Booster pedal try the Caline CP-25 Highway Man overdrive pedal
CP-27 = MI Audio Crunch Box pedal try the Caline CP-27 sand storm distortion pedal
CP-28 = Boss CE-2 pedal try the Caline CP-28 ultra chorus pedal
CP-29 = DOD Overdrive Preamp 250 pedal try the Caline CP-29 White Heat boost pedal
CP-30 = Wampler Plextortion pedal try the Caline CP-30 heavy metal pedal
CP-43 = Klon Centaur Golden pedal try the Caline CP-43 Pegasus Overdrive pedal
CP-50 = Fulltone Obsessive Compulsive Drive pedal try the Caline CP-50 Leon Drive pedal for a similar tone range.
CP-52 = Ross Compressor Pedal try the Caline CP-52 Gale Force Compressor for those chunky Country, Jazz and Funk tones.
CP-56 = If you want the sound Jimi Hendrix created using the Dunlop Fuzz Face pedal and the Roger Mayer Rocket  Octavia pedal then try the Caline CP-53 Fuzzy Faace Voodoo Octave and buy one pedal at a fraction of the cost.
CP-58 = If you want the classic British crunch guitar as generated by the Tech 21 British pedal look no futher than the Caline CP-58 British Sound Summit Crunch pedal

Popular Caline Guitar Pedals

More Clone Effect Pedals

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