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Carl Martin Plexitone Overdrive and Boost Pedal

Carl Martin Guitar Pedals are made to a high standard and are included in our boutique guitar pedal range. Carl Martin manufactures guitar effect pedals and guitar amplifiers. Founded in 1990 as ESR, a professional PA sound rental company. Shortly after the company began it started producing custom made audio equipment for the professional musicians, with a superior sound quality and features not seen on any other guitar effect pedal.

The first Carl Martin guitar effect pedal to be design and manufactured was the The Hot Drive ‘n’ Boost which was introduced in 1993. Since these early beginnings, Carl Martin have maintained a high quality of guitar products and now have a range of 44 boutique guitar effect pedals. In 2005 the first handmade Carl Martin tube guitar amplifier the Custom Shop 50 was also introduced.

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On the website we have many Carl Martin Guitar Pedals. Listed below are some of the most popular Carl Martin Guitar Pedal models, click on the name of the pedal you are interested in and be taken to a page showing suppliers and prices.

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Carl Martin Effect Pedals : Product List

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Use the menu above or search box to find the pedal you require. If you are looking for a guitar distortion pedal click on the distortion pedals link and you will be taken to another page showing a wide range of distortion guitar pedals by the different guitar effect pedal manufacturers. There is also a full range of boutique guitar effect pedals available on the site as used by professional guitar players.

Carl Martin Pedals : Guitar Effects Explained

A guitar effect unit or pedal is an electronic or digital device that alters the input sound from the guitar pick ups.The modified sound is then output to a guitar amplifier or to another effect pedal to be modified further. Our web site has prices for guitar effect pedals including all makes and types of effect. We also have prices for boutique effect pedals. Common effects include:

Most modern effects use solid-state electronics eg computer chips however some old and vintage effects use mechanical components like spring reverb and vacuum tubes. Guitar effect pedals can be either small metal box pedals that are used on the floor eg “stompboxes” or a full rack mounted electronic effects units. Guitar Effect Pedals are typically controlled by a footswitch, either on the pedal, or as a seperate unit on the floor. Guitarists have used effects for many years to modify the sound from the guitar and to create new and exciting sounds for use on new recordings. There are many makes of guitar pedal on the market, from mass produced, cheap guitar pedals, to expensive custom made pedals that are hand made and used by famous guitar players. Guitar pedals are typically used on stage fitted to a guitar pedal board where the guitarist can switch on and off various effects during a live performance to replica the original recording.

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