Carlsbro Kickstart 10 Practice Guitar Amplifier Combo

Carlsrbo KICKSTART10 Guitar Amplifier

The Carlsbro Kickstart 10 Practice Guitar Amplifier Combo features a realistic price level for a 10w practice amp combo loaded with tone and outstanding user-friendly features. A wide range of clean and overdrive sounds can be created. Controls include a switchable overdrive, a 2 EQ section and a reverb effect. This is a perfect entry level cheap practice guitar amp built to a higher spec than the price would suggest. Also featured is a universal audio input allowing use of your CD/MP3 player and headphone socket output for the silent practice. The 10W output is via a single Carlsbro Powertone 6.5″ speaker. For a higher output at a slightly higher price look at the Carlsbro Kickstart-30 guitar amp.

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Carlsrbo Kickstart 10 – Solid State Combo Guitar Amplifiers

The Carlsrbo Kickstart 10 Guitar Amplifier a solid state combo guitar amplifier which includes the amplifier circuit and the speaker within the same specially made cabinet. These guitar amplifiers include solid state technology life diodes, transistors, and diodes. Solid state guitar amplifiers became popular in the 70s replacing expensive valve combo guitar amplifiers. It is a matter of choice which is better however most professional guitar players prefer valve guitar amps for the unique tone and sonic qualities.

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