The Different Types of Guitar Amplifier

Zar A-40R REVERB Acoustic Guitar Amplifier Speaker, 10-Inch

Use the links below to choose the type of  guitar amplifier you are looking for eg valve, solid state, bass, hybrid, vintage, acoustic, modeling etc. Our web site gives you access to some of the best prices online and many special offers on guitar amps. For example you may be looking for a new valve head guitar amp or a valve combo guitar amp or any of the other type of amplifier, they are all listed below. You will find guitar amplifiers by all the major amp manufacturers.

You can also look up guitar amplifiers for bass guitars. We review the prices shown on various web sites and where possible show comparison prices to allow you to source the products at the best price and current deals online. We have written a guide to the various types of guitar amplifier that are on the market, see guitar amplifiers explained for more details.

The Different Types of Guitar Amplifier

Below there is a list of the various types of guitar amplifier based on the type of circuit. For example choose valve, bass, solid state, practice etc. The different circuit design will have an effect on the quality, or more specifically the tone, that is generated by amplifier. A tube guitar amplifier will sound totally different to a solid state guitar amplifier. Click on the type you require and you will see options to split the chosen type of guitar amplifier into different levels. For example valve amplifiers can be split into vinatge valve guitar amps, practice valve amps, combo vale amps etc.  or lead, or the sound, or the style of design.

Behringer AT108 Ultracoustic 15W Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

Acoustic Guitar Amplifiers

Acoustic guitar amplifiers are designed for use with acoustic guitars and other acoustic instruments. They are designed with a a special frequency response with minimal coloration leaving a very clean sound. To produce this relatively "clean" sound, these amplifiers often have a higher output power than would normally be required to ensure that no distortion is generated during use. There are many styles of guitar amplifier available to guitar players, each with different characteristics and tonal qualities. This page focuses on ...
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ASHDOWN 330-TOURING 210H Bass guitar amplifiers Bass combos

Bass Combo Guitar Amplifiers

There are many styles of bass guitar amplifier available from different manufacturers. This page focuses on bass combo guitar amplifiers for use with a bass guitar however some blues guitarists also prefer a bass guitar amplifier for use with a lead guitar. Bass guitar combo amplifiers are specially designed to work with the low frequency generated by these low pitched instruments. While bass guitar amplifiers share most of the same features of a lead guitar amplifier there is additional circuitry ...
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VOX Pathfinder 10B - 10-watt Bass Guitar Practice Amp Combo

Bass Guitar Practice Amplifiers – The Best Compared

Below we have selected a number of Bass Guitar Practice Amplifiers to consider. These practice bass guitar amplifiers are designed to work with the very low frequency sound-waves generated by the heavy gauge bass guitar strings that are on bass guitars and double bass instruments. These instruments also can have different types of pickup that generate the electrical signal that will be amplified. There are single or double coiled magnetic pick ups as would be used on a Fender precision ...
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Behringer ULTRABASS BXD3000H Bass Guitar Amplifier Head

Bass Head Guitar Amplifiers

Bass guitar head amplifiers are specially designed to work with the low frequency generated by these low pitched instruments. Check the best prices online for Bass Head Guitar Amplifiers below, these amps are designed for use with a bass guitar, however some blues guitarists also like to use a bass valve amplifier to achieve a particular sound. Our web site features all types of guitar amplifier and if you are unsure about the differences we have written a brief explanation about ...
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Friedman Brown Eye BE-100 WHT · Guitar Amp Head

Boutique Guitar Amplifiers (Custom Amp Makers)

Boutique guitar amps are becoming increasingly popular due to their use by famous bass and lead guitarists searching for their own special sound or tone. The guitar rigs of most famous guitar players will probably include at least one boutique guitar amp, or two, from respected guitar amp design and manufacturing companies like friedman amps, magnatone amps or supro amps. No doubt their pedal board will also include will a few boutique guitar effect pedals as well. Boutique guitar amps are normally ...
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Laney LV Series LV300H - Tube Hybrid Guitar Amp Head - 120W - With Reverb

Hybrid Guitar Amplifiers

A Hybrid Guitar Amplifier combines the best features of solid state guitar amp and valve guitar amp circuit design and technology to create a very unique sound. These guitar amps became popular in the 70s and 80s and are still manufactured today. Notable models include the Fender Super Champ XD, and the Roland Bolt amplifier. Randall Amplifiers V2 and T2 use hybrid amp technology. A hybrid amplifier involves one of two combinations of tube and solid-state guitar amplification circuits. The ...
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Peavey Vypyr VIP 2-40 Watt Modeling Guitar Amplifier

Modelling Guitar Amplifiers

Modelling Guitar Amplifiers are now becoming more popular as technology improves and additional modern features are added to the desgns. A modeling guitar amplifier is designed to emulate the sounds of an existing classic guitar amplifier model that is manufactured by another company, possible one which no longer exists, typically vintage valve amplifiers. This is achieved using complicated digital circuitry and the software that is built in to the amp. The software is created by sampling the sounds from the ...
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VOX Pathfinder 10 - 10W Guitar Practice Guitar Amplifier Combo

Practice Guitar Amplifiers

Practice guitar amplifiers are designed to be portable, lightweight, easy to use and with a lower output power. These guitar amplifiers are commonly designed using solid state technology and are cheaper than most other models on the market. The cheap practice guitar amplifiers that are now appearing on the market are mostly made in china in high volumes and the price reflects the level of quality with mass production. These low cost models are normally purchased by new guitar players ...
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Yuma Gold 5T Practice Valve Guitar Amplifier

Practice Valve Guitar Amplifiers

Below we have selected a number of Practice Valve Guitar Amplifiers to consider. These guitar amplifiers are designed with all valve circuitry and cover a wide range of price levels. Included are practice valve guitar amplifiers that are mass produced plus vintage valve guitar amp designs that are clones of sought after models used in the 50s and 60s. Ask any guitar player who has played live or visited the recording studio to record a track what their favorite guitar ...
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Odyssey 19" Rack Unit System for Rack mounted guitar Amps and Effects

Rack Mounted Guitar Amps, Compare Prices

Rack mounted guitar amplifiers are designed to be used within a rack cabinet and are wired to multiple speaker cabinets. These are normally referred to as part of an Amp Rack system. There are many styles of guitar amplifier on the market and rack mounted designs are often forgotten. Rack mounted guitar amplifiers are popular with touring bands and venues and popular amplifier makes include Gallien Krueger Amps, Behringer Amps plus many more. Rack mounted guitar amplifiers are mounted by ...
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Orange Crush 12 Guitar Amp Combo

Solid State Combo Guitar Amplifiers

This page focuses on Solid State Combo Guitar Amplifiers. A combo guitar amplifier has the sound amplification circuit and the speaker within the same wooden cabinet. This makes it easy for use at home, in the studio and when touring as the guitar player can plug in his guitar and start playing. Solid state guitar amps became popular in the 70's when silicone chip technology became mass produced and cheaper than the original valve components which were used in guitar ...
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RANDALL RG1503H 3 Channel Solid State Guitar Amp Head

Solid State Head Guitar Amps, Compare Prices

Solid state guitar amplifiers use silicone chip technology including transistors, diodes and ic’s to modify and amplify the guitar pick up signal to audible levels. The overall tone of a solid state head guitar amp is different to that created by a more expensive valve head guitar amp. If designed correctly, Solid state guitar amplifiers have a particularily clean tonal quality. This clean tone, without distortion, makes them popular with Jazz players and other guitarists who prefer to use guitar effects ...
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Roland JC-40 Jazz Chorus Guitar Amplifier Combo

The Best Jazz Guitar Amplifiers Compared

When playing Jazz there is a specific tone that the jazz guitar player is looking for and this special Jazz tone is only achievable with the correct type of guitar and amplifier. Electric Jazz guitar has a distinctive sound and this is achieved by a combination of a semi-acoustic electric guitar, minimal effects, and a great sounding Jazz guitar amplifier that has a clean tone and high headroom (enough power to ensure the output is not distorted). A good set ...
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VOX Pathfinder 10 - 10W Guitar Practice Amplifier Combo

The Best Practice Guitar Amplifiers Compared

We have selected some of the best practice guitar amplifiers below. Practice guitar amplifiers are designed to have a lower power output, a smaller profile and weight making them portable and easy to carry around and use at home and when out and about. Cheap practice guitar amps include minimal features like an an input, tone and volume control, and performance reflects the price tag. However, if you look deeper and have a reasonable budget some of the newer practice ...
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Behringer Bugera 15W BC15 Vintage Guitar Amplifier with 12AX7 Valve

Valve Combo Guitar Amplifiers (All Tube) All Makes

This page focuses on Valve Combo Guitar Amplifiers which include a fully valve circuit design with tubes in the pre-amplifier section and the power output section. The guitar amplifier circuit is then combined with the speaker cabinet within the same wooden cabinet, making it a combo (Amplifier plus Speaker). Combo valve guitar amplifiers come in a wide range of sizes and output powers, from small practice valve guitar amps, 1W to 10W, to large gig ready 100W units matched with ...
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Bugera TRIREC INFINIUM Boutique Style 100W 3 Channel Valve Amplifier Head

Valve Head Guitar Amplifiers

This page focuses on Valve Head Guitar Amplifiers using a full all valve circuit design technology. This means there are valves in both the pre-amplifier and power output stages of the amplifier circuit. With this style of guitar amplifier a seperate guitar amplifier speaker cabinet will be required. Head valve amplifiers are popular with famous guitar players especially touring players as they can take there own favorite head guitar amp along to a venue and connect the amplifier into speakers ...
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WEM Dominator Vintage Valve Amp

Vintage Valve Guitar Amplifiers – All Tube Amps

Guitarists often mention a seemingly mystical thing called “tone” however this comes from a pursuit of that vintage guitar amplifier tone that appears on classic recordings from the 40s and 50s. In those days the only guitar amplifiers available were small size practice valve guitar amps developed from the technology used in car radio players and home radio units. This was due to the availability of components in what was a new field of sound amplification. It is known that a ...
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Do not forget that if you buy a head style amplifier you will also need to buy a guitar amp speaker cabinet. If you know the make of guitar amplifier you require you can also use this link to look up the different makes of guitar amplifier. Use this if you want specific amplifier eg if you want a list of marshall guitar amplifiers then select makes and then choose Marshall and you will be taken to a page showing only marshall amps. There are separate pages which shows the manufacturers of guitar amplifiers and manufacturers of boutique guitar amplifiers. Click on the link to see those pages.

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