All The Different Types of Guitar Effect Pedals

Types of Guitar Effect Pedal Stompboxes

This page allows you to choose all the different types of guitar effect pedals that are available to review and buy online from internet music stores. On this website you will find all the different types of guitar effect, made by all the major retail pedal manufacturers.  We also have all of the types of guitar pedals that are made by boutique effect pedal manufacturers from around the World, suppliers from the USA, UK, NZ, Australia, Canada, Japan plus many more.

Choosing all the different types of guitar effect pedals could not be easier, we have listed the types below in an image grid. Use the tab at the bottom to select the different pages. The effect pedals are listed in alphabetical order to make it easy to find the type of effect you are looking for. On the website we have different types of guitar effect pedals from all the well known retail brands like Boss Pedals to high end boutique guitar pedals, some of these have been developed in conjunction with some of the best known guitar players around the World. Boutique guitar pedal brands like Keeley Pedals of the USA make guitar pedals using quality components and special circuitry.

This page has been set up to allow you to choose guitar effects pedal by the different types of guitar effect. For instance distortion fx pedals, overdrive fx pedals, analog delay fx pedals etc.If you want to see all of the guitar fx pedals made by a particular brand, for instance Digitech, then we have listed all of the guitar effect pedal manufacturers on a separate page, here it is —>  Choose Guitar Effect Pedals by Brand Name.

For savings on different types of guitar pedals we use a unique price review system that collects together all the latest offers and displays them in a list format. You can see the latest savings on guitar pedals by viewing the SAVE page in the top menu.

Use the Links Below to Choose Guitar Effects Pedal by Effect Type

The list below shows all the different types of guitar effect pedal that you can buy online. Review the list and choose the pedal you are most interested in. This will then take you to a page displaying all the pedals of that type from the various guitar effect pedal manufacturers. From there you can select an individual pedal and review the prices that are available from the different suppliers.

Types of Guitar Effect Pedal

Use the tab at the bottom to scroll through the pages, the guitar effects pedals are shown in alphabetical order. Shown below are all the various types of guitar effect pedal that are currently available. Click on the type of guitar stomp box you require and you will be shown a complete set of products. Once you select your chosen guitar pedal you will be shown all the current suppliers and available online prices. Make sure you check out the offers page as well as guitar pedals show up on offer at regular intervals.

ABY Guitar Signal Switching Pedals – Guitar FX

There are many different types and makes of ABY Guitar Signal Switching Pedals on the market and, despite being very simplistic, that offer many different features and circuitry to achieve the same result. ABY Guitar Signal Switching Pedals allow you to route two guitar signals to seperate effect pedal loops or guitar amplifiers. One problem which plagues guitar players is impedance matching and issues with long cable runs. Some high quality ABY pedals offer separate ...
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Bedler Acoustikar Acoustic Guitar Simulator Effect Pedal

Acoustic Simulator Guitar Pedals – Guitar FX

A Acoustic Simulator Guitar Pedal, when used with and electric guitar will recreate the tonal qualities of an acoustic guitar. Acoustic guitars generate sound via the sound hole in the guitar and the sound generated has a specific ringing acoustic tone. The level of this sound is low and is unsuitable for gigs therefore the guitar would be fitted with a guitar pick up and the sound routed to an acoustic guitar amplifier. When using an ...
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Amp Modeling Guitar Pedals – Guitar Effects

A typical example of the type of Amp Modeling Guitar Pedals that are available is the Behringer V-AMP3 Modeling Pedal which has 32 amp models and 15 speaker cabinet simulations giving 480 virtual combinations to try. Add to this USB interface, stereo I/O, direct monitoring and phones out. There are also built in studio quality multi-effects including reverb, chorus, flanger, phaser, rotary, auto-wah, echo, delay, compressor plus more and once you have designed your set up ...
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Amp Simulator Guitar Pedals – Guitar Effects

An Amp Simulator Guitar Pedals can be used with a standard guitar amp to recreate the sounds generated by a wide range of famous and vintage guitar amplifier designs from the single pedal. This type of guitar effect pedal is a multi purpose effect pedal is perfect for practice, studio work and gigs. This opens the door to experiment with a lot of different amplifier settings without the expense of going and buying guitar amplifiers from many different ...
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Analog Chorus Guitar Pedals – Guitar Effects

Analog Chorus Guitar Pedals are used to recreate the sound of multiple notes being played at the same time with similar pitch and time factors. When the effect is produced successfully, none of the constituent sounds are perceived as being out of tune. This creates a rich, shimmering effect that would be absent if the sound came from a single source. Chorus effect pedals are one of the most popular effects that are used by ...
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DOD Rubberneck Electric Guitar Analog Delay Pedal  -  Guitar Effect Stomp Box

Analog Delay Effect Guitar Pedals – Guitar FX

The solid state analog delay guitar pedals became popular in the 1970s and were created to replace tape echo effect machines that were used by early guitarists to give a echo to the guitar signal chain. Solid-state Analog Delay Effect Guitar Pedals use BBD bucket-brigade silicone chips. Solid-state analog delay pedals are less flexible than digital delay pedals and generally have shorter delay times. The vintage Boss DM-2 delay pedal are still sought after for their "warmer", more natural echo quality and progressively ...
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Keeley Neutrino Auto Wah Pedal - Boutique Guitar Stomp Box Effect

Auto Wah Guitar Pedals – Guitar Effects

Auto Wah Guitar Pedals generate a unique effect which became popular in the 60s and is still used today. A wah pedal alters the tone and frequencies of the input guitar signal to create a distinctive sound, mimicking a human saying "wah-wah". The pedal rocking motion sweeps the peak response of a frequency filter up and down in frequency to create the sound. The standard wah effect is controlled by movement of the player’s foot on ...
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Asmuse Guitar Multi Effect Pedal MG100 Profession

Bass Guitar Effect Pedals – Bass Effects

There are a number of standard guitar effect pedal types which have been modified to be used with a bass guitar. These Bass Guitar Effect Pedals are designed with special circuitry which can handle the low frequency sounds which are generated by heavy bass guitar strings. The low frequency sonic characteristics of a bass guitar mean that guitar FX's must be modified to work cleanly with this guitar type. There are many style and manufacturers ...
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Tom'sline ABL-1 Bass Limiter Guitar Effects Pedal

Bass Guitar Limiter Pedals – Guitar Effects

Bass Guitar Limiter Pedals compress the input guitar signal to a set level. It operates in a similar way to a guitar compressor pedal however the circuitry is different as a compressor will also boost the guitar signal chain to stop it decaying creating a sustain effect. The limiter pedal generally only limits the input signal to avoid damaging an amplifier or speakers for this reason limiter pedals are popular with bass guitar players. For popular Bass Guitar Limiter ...
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Boutique Effect Pedals

We have grouped together the different types of the best boutique effect pedals below in a list. Review the list and click on the pedal type link name.

Guitar Pedal Board Set Up.

We have created a page showing some of the different types of guitar pedals that are used by famous guitar players. This shows the different pedal types that are used on stage and how they are linked and used with a mixture of different guitar effect pedal types and manufacturers. This allows each guitar player to create their own unique pedal board and sound. See our list of famous guitar player pedal boards.

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