Makes of Guitar Effect Pedals

Choose Guitar Effect Pedals by looking up the Brand Name, or manufacturer, of the effect pedal you are interested in. Guitar effects are listed below including all the major retail brands and boutique effect pedal manufacturers. This page has been set up to allow you to choose the complete range of pedals manufactured by your favorite effect pedal brand. Just click on the name of the pedal maker below you will be taken to a new page displaying all of the guitar pedals manufactured or sold by your chosen brand. On the next page you can then select the type of pedal you want and then you can review the latest effect pedal special offer, compare prices and review different suppliers.

If there is a particular type, or style, of guitar effect pedal you are looking for then there is a seperate page where we have the various types of guitar effects listed. For instance there are chorus pedals, overdrive pedals, distortion pedals, fuzz pedals and many many more. If there is a pedal or manufacturer missing – let us know and we will add it.

List of Guitar Effect Pedal Manufacturers

List of Boutique Guitar Effect Pedal Manufacturers

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Joyo Guitar Effect Pedals
Joyo Guitar Effect Pedals

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