Choose Your Guitar Amplifier Re-Valve Kit (Tubes)

Replacement Valve Kit for Bugera V55 (3 x ECC83 2 x Matched 6L6GC)

Review the list of popular valve guitar amplifier manufacturers below and choose your guitar amplifier re-valve kit (tube set). Full guitar amplifier re-valve kits include all of the valves, or tubes, that are required to service your valve guitar amplifier and bring it back to peak performance. As guitar amplifier valves deteriorate with use the tonal quality will be affected gradually over time, you may not notice this at first, however it will gradually get worse and the amplifier will not perform as originally designed, replacing the valves in the guitar amplifier can solve this.

Choose Your Valve Guitar Amplifier from the List below.

If your guitar amplifier brand is missing from the list shown above please let us know the make and model of your guitar amplifier by using the contact form and we will add it to the site and then let you know when it has been done.

Why Buy Full Set of Valves?

When your valve guitar amp starts to play up your first thought might be to buy a new amplifier valve and swap out the faulty one. Where this may work with pre-amplifier valves, rectifier valves and power valves in small guitar practice amps that only have one power valve it may not work with anything bigger. Especially, higher powered valve guitar amps which need matched guitar amp valves to work correctly. If the valves are not matched it will cause hum (noise) and reduce the life of the other valves. That is why it is best to buy a full matched set of power valves.

Read the installation manual supplied with your guitar amplifier before buying and changing guitar amp valves. Use this page to choose the full guitar amplifier re-valve kit and get your valve guitar amplifier back to it’s best.

Matched Guitar Amplifier Valves Explained

Most valve combo guitar amps and valve head guitar amps, especially those with push-pull circuit designs, require matched output tubes. These may be a matched pair valve set (x2) or matched quad valve set (x4) and some very high power valve guitar amplifiers may have a matched sextet valve set (x 6). The number of matched valves required will depend on the guitar amplifier valve circuit design and the output power of the amplifier, the general rule being more valves the more the output power.

In a push-pull guitar amplifier design one valve is pushing the speaker cone and the other valve is pulling it, back and forward, creating sound waves. To maintain a reliable performance it is important that the amplifier valves push and pull in equal measure. Buying a matched set of power valves will mean that the valves are selected to have similar characteristics and therefore work well together. Putting one, unmatched valve in a guitar amp circuit when it requires a matched set of guitar amp valves will make all the valves deteriorate, cause noise and reduce overall valve life.

Note that some of the guitar amplifier re-valve kits do not include the rectifier valve, however this can be purchased separately. On this site we have the most popular available to  buy 5AR4 (GZ34) valve

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