Classic Chorus Vibrato Effect Guitar Pedal by Carl Martin

Carl Martin Classic Chorus Effects Pedal

The Classic Chorus Vibrato Effect Guitar Pedal by Carl Martin is not just another chorus guitar pedal. Created after years of research the Classic Chorus provides a full, round, vintage chorus sound. Additionally there is an extra Vibrato switch which will, when changing the rate control, change your sound from Chorus to Vibrato with the full vibrato effect achieved with the Rate and Depth knobs turned completely clockwise. The Speed Depth and Level knobs are universal for both the Chorus and Vibrato effects.

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About Guitar Vibrato Effect Pedals

A vibrato effect pedal emulates the sound of a guitar string being bent. Vibrato is to sometimes forgotten by guitar players however these vibrato pedals do have a role to play in creating new and exciting guitar sounds if they are set and used correctly.

About Chorus Guitar Effect Pedals

A chorus pedal for guitar is used to recreate the sound of multiple notes being played at the same time with similar pitch and time factors. When the effect is produced successfully, none of the constituent sounds are perceived as being out of tune. This creates a rich, shimmering effect that would be absent if the sound came from a single source. The chorus effect pedal is one of the most popular effects used by guitarists. It can be used to shape the sound and to create interesting effects within songs and can be heard on many famous tracks.

There are a wide range of chorus effect pedals on the market from a large number of manufacturers. Check out popular examples by leading companies like the Boss CE-5 Chorus Ensemble, the Caline Ultra Chorus,  and the Joyo Analog Chorus. Cheaper models to consider are the Donner Tutti Love Chorus and the Biyang Analog Chorus. There are a wide range of boutique effect pedals to choose from as well, however these are generally hand made and can be costly for instance check out the Keeley Seafoam Vibrato Chorus made by the USA by boutique effect pedal manufacturer Robert Keeley and the Strymon Ola dBucket Chorus. Expensive but they are the choice of professional guitar players so must be good. Review the full range of chorus guitar effect pedals.

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About Carl Martin Guitar Effect Pedals

The Classic Chorus Vibrato Effect Guitar Pedal by Carl Martin is one of many Carl Martin pedals that are available to review and buy online from internet music stores. The Carl Martin brand was founded in 1990 as ESR a professional PA sound rental company that now supplies both guitar  pedals and guitar amplifiers. Shortly after the Carl Martin company began it started producing custom made audio equipment for the professional musicians. These early models were designed for a superior sound quality and with features that are not seen on other guitar effect pedals. The first Carl Martin guitar pedal, the Hot Drive’n Boost, was introduced in 1993. Since then Carl Martin have maintained a wide range of high quality of guitar gear products and now have around forty boutique guitar pedals that are sold online and in music stores. In 2005 the first handmade tube guitar amplifier the Custom Shop 50 was introduced.

Boutique Guitar Pedals

On the web site there are many Boutique Guitar Effect Pedals from suppliers around the World. Boutique guitar effect pedals are designed by smaller, independent companies. Boutique gear is often more expensive than mass-produced pedals however you will get a product made to a high specification in return, cheap guitar pedals can destroy a performance.

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