Combo Guitar Amplifiers Explained

A combo guitar amplifier is the complete package for a guitar player having the amplifier circuit and speaker (or speakers) within the same wooden cabinet. This allows a guitarist to play anywhere without the need for additional equipment. The basic set up being a guitar, cable and the combo guitar amplifier. Combo guitar amplifiers were the earliest guitar amplifiers designed, coming on to the market in the 1930’s. When these early bands played the guitar sound, then being acoustic, was easily drowned out by other instruments like the drums, double bass and piano.

There was a need to amplify the guitar sound so people could hear the guitar when the other instruments were being played. Using valve technology companies designed guitar amplifiers with a speaker and a microphone that could be fitted to the guitar. This allowe dthe guitar sound to be amplified to higher vlevels.

From these early combo guitar amplifiers many new designs and styles have evolved. Now there are many types of combo guitar amplifier to choose from. The most popular models are valve combo guitar amps as used by many famous players however there are also solid state combo guitar amps and bass guitar combo amps available. Use the links below to review the current models on offer, check out the latest price offers and place your order.

Select Combo Guitar Amplifier by Circuit Design

Behringer Bugera 15W BC15 Vintage Guitar Amplifier with 12AX7 Valve

Valve Combo Guitar Amplifiers

This page focuses on Valve Combo Guitar Amplifiers which include a fully valve circuit design with tubes in the pre-amplifier section and the power output section. The guitar amplifier circuit is then combined with the speaker cabinet within the same ...
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Solid State Combo Guitar Amplifiers

This page focuses on Solid State Combo Guitar Amplifiers. A combo guitar amplifier has the sound amplification circuit and the speaker within the same wooden cabinet. This makes it easy for use at home, in the studio and when touring ...
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Bass Combo Guitar Amplifiers

There are many styles of guitar amplifier available. This page focuses on bass combo guitar amplifiers for use with a bass guitar however some blues guitarists also prefer a bass guitar amplifier for use with a lead guitar. Our web ...
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Modeling Guitar Amplifiers

There are many styles of guitar amplifier available, this page focuses on modeling guitar amplifiers. Our web site features all types of guitar amplifier and if you are unsure about the differences we have written a brief explanation about each ...
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Hybrid Guitar Amplifiers

There are many styles of guitar amplifier available. This page focuses on hybrid guitar amplifiers. A Hybrid Guitar Amplifier combines the best features of both using solid state and valve technology to create a unique sound. More details about this style ...
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Guitar Amplifier Technology Explained

Listed below are a number of guides to guitar amplifier technology. Learn about the different types of guitar amplifier on the market and how the different technology shapes the signal from the guitar and decides the type of tone you can expect to at the speakers.

There are also in-depth guides to valve guitar amplifier technology, the valve amplifier circuits used, how guitar amplifier valves work and how to maintain and repair your valve amplifier.

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