Deep Six Compressor Pedal by Walrus Audio

The Deep Six Compressor Pedal by Walrus Audio is a true bypass studio-grade compressor, in guitar pedal form, offering Level, Sustain, Attack, and Blend controls which allows you to use the pedal with active pickups or hum-buckers. The blend feature allows you to use the Deep Six Compressor with high output instruments and then adjust the control to remove any distortion that may be created. while truly being able to dial out any distortion that may be present. This is a boutique quality effect pedal that offers additional functionality and sound shaping possibilities.

Note that an isolated guitar effect pedal power supply is recommended for use with all Walrus Audio effect pedals. Our site includes many more Walrus Audio effect pedals and boutique compressor effect pedals to consider including the Red Witch Seven Sisters Grace Compressor made by boutique effect pedal manufacturer Red Witch and the Dunlop CSP202 Compressor. Check out the full range of compressor guitar effect pedals.

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About Compressor Guitar Pedals

guitar compressor pedal is used to enhance the sound of a clean guitar making the notes last longer and also suppressing sharp or loud notes, hence compressing them in to a set level making the sound smoother. Notes that are played with a clean guitar tone often lack sustain and begin to decay quickly after the guitar string is plucked. Using a compression pedal will also extend the life of the guitar note by raising the volume as it decays, and sometimes they are mixed together as compressor pedal and sustain pedal, squashing the loud notes and boosting the quiet notes. A compressor pedal, when used correctly is a valuable piece of equipment and is often found on most guitar player pedal boards.  There are a wide range of compressor effect pedals on the market from a large number of well known manufacturers. Check out popular examples of these pedals by leading companies like Joyo JF-10 Dynamic Compressor, and the Hotone SCS1 KOMP Compressor. Cheaper models to consider are the Caline Hot Mushroom Compressor and the Donner Ultimate Compressor which do a job.

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About Walrus Audio Guitar Effect Pedals

Walrus Audio guitar effect pedals are manufactured in the USA. Walrus Audio has a wide range of guitar effect pedals available that are versatile and functional. Pedals are hand made, individually tested and hand painted. These high quality guitar pedals are part of our boutique effect pedal range and there are many other boutique guitar effect pedals to consider on the web site. Click on the links above to each of the individual Walrus Audio Guitar Effect Pedals where you can review prices and select the best price offers.

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