Deeply Unpleasant Companion Bass Fuzz Pedal : Fredric Effects

Deeply Unpleasant Companion Bass Fuzz Pedal : Fredric Effects

The Deeply Unpleasant Companion Bass Fuzz Pedal by Fredric Effects is a bass guitar fuzz pedal hand made in the UK. This bass fuzz pedal builds upon the Shin-Ei FY-2 Companion Fuzz with a modified circuit to preserve the low end frequencies and a clean blend function to mix both clean and dirty signals.

Review the product details, and use the links shown to compare prices, suppliers and special offers for the Deeply Unpleasant Companion Bass Fuzz Pedal by Fredric Effects below.  Fredric Effects is a UK boutique guitar pedal manufacturer based in London. Fredric guitar pedals include many fuzz pedal and distortion pedal types plus others.

Deeply Unpleasant Companion Bass Fuzz Pedal by Fredric Effects

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About Bass Guitar Effect Pedals

There are a number of standard guitar effect pedal types which have been modified to be used with a bass guitar. Bass guitar effect pedals are designed with special circuitry which can handle the low frequency sounds which are generated by the heavy bass guitar strings. Bass guitar effect pedals can be split into a number of categories as shown here:

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About Fredric Effects Boutique Guitar Pedals

The Deeply Unpleasant Companion Bass Fuzz Pedal by Fredric Effects is one of many types of Fredric Effects Boutique Guitar Pedals that are currently available to buy online from various suppliers. Fredric Effects are hand-made in North London, UK. They are a range of boutique quality guitar effect pedals however sold without the excessive boutique pedal price tag. These boutique pedals are designed to be small, to fit most pedal board layouts, with no fuss set up and use with a limited number of control knobs and switches. Fredric Effects pedals are completed with original artwork making them unique and collectable. Fredric Effects are designed for reliability with the focus on build quality and circuit design. View the full list of Fredric Effects pedals.

Boutique Guitar Effect Pedals

Our website has many Boutique guitar pedals from suppliers around the World like Keeley pedals, Strymon pedals, JHS pedals and Fulltone pedals plus many more. Boutique effect pedals are designed by smaller, independent manufacturing companies and are typically produced in limited, small number batches and quantities. Some may even be hand-made, with hand-soldered connections and wiring, Boutique guitar pedals are mainly sold online, via mail-order, or sold in a few music stores. They are often more expensive than mass-produced pedals due to the hand made manufacturing process, higher spec components, innovative circuit designs and custom made painting or etching.

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