Descent Reverb Octave Pedal by Walrus Audio

The Descent Reverb Octave Pedal by Walrus Audio is the ultimate reverb effects unit for generating atmospheric soundscapes. Three basic reverb programs can be selected and edited. The individual controllers, depending on the selected reverb effect type have different operating functions. It is possible to create long endless reverb sounds which can be shifted up or down in the octave and mixed to produce a dramatic shimmer. Any of the pots on the Descent Reverb Octavecan be replaced by an expression pedal, adding greater functionality. The 3 hall reverb programs and the bypass function can also be controlled via optional remote switch. Our site includes many more Walrus Audio effect pedals and other boutique reverb effect pedals to consider.

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About Reverb Effect Pedals

reverb effect pedal is used to recreate the sound of multiple echos as would exist if a sound is made in a large hall or chamber. The reverb effect is used to thicken the note made from the guitar and is very popular. The reverb guitar effect is commonly found built in to guitar amplifiers. In a guitar amp the reverb effect can be created using a physical spring system or digitally. In a guitar effect pedal it is created digitally using silicone chips and transistors. The sound from the guitar pick ups is copied, delayed by an amount set by the controls on the pedal and then added back to the input signal to create the delayed echo sound. Reverb is a versatile effect which is included in most players gear. There are many different styles of reverb pedal ranging from very cheap Chinese made pedals to high quality, custom made, boutique reverb pedals hand made by companies based in Europe, the USA and Australia.

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About Walrus Audio Guitar Effect Pedals

Walrus Audio guitar effect pedals are manufactured in the USA. Walrus Audio has a wide range of guitar effect pedals available that are versatile and functional. Pedals are hand made, individually tested and hand painted. These high quality guitar pedals are part of our boutique effect pedal range and there are many other boutique guitar effect pedals to consider on the web site. Click on the links above to each of the individual Walrus Audio Guitar Effect Pedals where you can review prices and select the best price offers.

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