Diamond Positron Tube Head Guitar Amplifier (18W)

Diamond Positron - State Head Guitar Amplifier

This amplifier does not appear to be available online anymore. Click here to view more valve head guitar amps. The Diamond Positron Tube Head Guitar Amplifier features 18W, all tube Class A circuitry and 2 channels. Designed around a smaller footprint making it portable and cost effective. The Diamond Positron is a quality, hand-built amplifier in the mold of a traditional early 60s British model. It delivers vintage valve guitar amp tone, from clean to crunch, and is lightweight and powerful enough for gigs and jam sessions. Each Diamond Positron is hand wired on a hand-built circuit board using components selected for reliability and superior sonic character. The Diamond Positron features one channel, with only Volume and Tone controls. The Positron uses three 12AX7, two EL84 power tubes, and a solid-state rectifier giving you true clean to blues tones.

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Diamond Positron  : Valve Head Guitar Amplifiers

The Diamond Positron Tube Head Guitar Amplifier (18W) is a head style guitar amplifier which includes the power amplifier within a cabinet without a speaker. The guitar amplifier uses valves to increase pickup sound to audible levels that can be heard at the speakers. Valve guitar amplifiers have a unique tone quality and many of the current models available on the market are based on classic designs upgraded with modern fabrication methods. When using a head guitar amplifier you will also need to buy guitar amp speaker cabinet however most manufacturers can supply a matched speaker cabinet if required.

This type of guitar amplifier is a popular choice of professional guitar players who prefer valve guitar amps for the unique tone and sonic qualities they provide.

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