Donner Guitar Effect Pedal Power Supply

Donner DP1 Effect Pedal Power Supply

Review the product details, and use the links shown to compare prices, suppliers and special offers for the Donner Guitar Effect Pedal Power Supply featuring 10 Isolated outputs, short circuit and over-current protected, and 9v 12v or 18v voltages. If you are in the market to buy an effect pedal power supply for your guitar pedals then it is important to consider that the pedal power supply can affect the electronic circuit within the pedal. Expensive power supplies include extra circuitry to suppress noise and earth hum.

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About Effect Pedal Power Supplies and Power Packs

If you are planning a guitar pedal board then you will need to look at pedal power supplies or you will spend a fortune on batteries. When choosing a power supply for your guitar effect pedals it is important to consider that the pedal power supply can affect the electronic circuit within the pedal. There are many “cheap” power supplies on the market however this will also mean less technology is involved in how the power is created and distributed from the supply. The biggest effect will be “hum” which will ruin the overall guitar signal chain and output sound.

When choosing an effect pedal power supply first check the power requirements of your current pedals – the voltage (v) and the current (mA) required. While most pedals are 9v that it is not the rule and some pedals may be 12v or 18v. You need to make sure the total current (mA) requirements of all the pedals you have connected can be supplied by the effect pedal power supply unit with some headroom above (eg spare capacity).

Going cheap is not going to give you any joy and my advice is to go for a very good quality power supplies for guitar pedal board  from a recognized brand. The range of T-Rex Fuel Tank Power Supply is good quality with positive reviews online. You can also review and buy effect pedal power supplies on Amazon.

About the Donner Guitar Effect Pedal Power Supply

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More Makes of Guitar Effect Pedal Power Supply Units like the Donner DP1 Effect Pedal Power Supply

The Donner DP1 Effect Pedal Power Supply is one of many types of Donner Products that are available on the web site. View and Buy Donner Guitar Effect Pedals.

About Donner Guitar Pedals

The Donner Guitar Effect Pedal Power Supply is one of many types of Donner guitar pedals that are currently available. Donner effect pedals are widely sold on the internet on sites like Ebay and Amazon, plus are available to buy in many music stores and shops. Donner pedals are available at relatively low prices and the range has many guitar pedals that are worth a look. Buying Donner pedals is a good way for a new guitar player to enter into the world of guitar effects and sound shaping options. Some Donner guitar pedals represent an innovation and present new guitar effects to try out.

Popular Donner pedals worth a look are the Donner distortion pedal like the Donner Alpha Cruncher, the Donner looper pedal and the Donner compressor pedal. Effect Pedals range is extensive with many pedals types represented. The Donner guitar pedals brand was founded in 2012 with the aim to create new experiences in music and performance. Donner is a pioneer of mini guitar pedal designs that have now been adopted by many other guitar effect pedal manufacturers. The Donner mini guitar pedal footprint will fit on to most guitar pedal boards, however, to achieve this small size Donner have removed the battery compartment and hence a guitar pedal power supply will be required. Relying on its own research & development team, Donner continues to create innovative musical accessories built to a high quality yet at a price level which allows them to be accessed by most musicians. View the full list of Donner pedals.

Donner Clone Guitar Pedals

There is a close relationship between the Donner pedals and NUX pedals, Rowin pedals and Mooer pedals. It appears that the Donner pedals are OEM pedals purchased from these other brands and re-branded with the Donner brand. This may or may not be correct however there are very close similarities between some of the designs. We have written a new post highlighting some of the on our Donner guitar pedals clone list page. Clone guitar pedals are a way to tap into some of the classic guitar tones of famous players without the need to by a vintage pedal for considerable amounts of money. Some companies have taken these vintage guitar pedals and created a new modern version which is mapped to the original sonic characteristics. Review the Caline pedal clone list and the Biyang pedal clone list more some examples of cheap pedals that are based on old vintage guitar pedals.

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