DV Mark Little Jazz Guitar Combo Amplifier (50W)

DV Mark Little Jazz · Guitar Amp

Jazz guitar amplifiers are designed to have a clean tone with a high headroom to avoid overdriving the circuit and causing distortion. A solid state amplifier is the best choice for a clean jazz guitar tone as valve guitar amplifier circuits are prone to distortion. Check out our range of the best jazz guitar amplifiers.

DV Mark Little Jazz Guitar Combo Amplifier – Price Analysis

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  • At musiciansfriend.com you can purchase Dv Mark Little Jazz Guitar Combo Amp for only $249.99, which is 38% less than the cost in Guitar Center ($399.99).
  • The lowest price of Dv Mark Little Jazz Guitar Combo Amp was obtained on 11/05/2022 18:51.

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DV Mark Little Jazz Combo - Solid State Combo Amp for Electric Guitars

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Part NumberDVM-LJ

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DV MARK Little Jazz - Electric Guitars Combo

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the DV Little Jazz Combo is not as "little" as the name suggests. With minimal dimensions and low weight, it offers a very mature sound. Clean mids ensure a transparent sound, the 8" speaker responds extremely quickly and faithfully reproduces exactly what the guitar delivers.     If 45 watts are not enough, you can either connect a second loudspeaker and thus conjure up 60 watts or connect the symmetrical line output to the mixer. In addition, the Little Jazz offers a headphone output for practicing or for warming up before the gig. A built-in reverb rounds off the package, and of course you can also connect your own pedals.     All of our items have a 30-day right of return without additional Reason. Sheet music, reading material and software are non-returnable. The general terms and c.

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