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Echo Effect Guitar Pedals are used create multiple reflections of the guitar signal chain to thicken the sound before it enters the guitar amplifier. Echo pedals typically includes settings for mix, time and feedback. Models can range in price from the cheap Ammoon Echo Delay Pedal to the high quality boutique echo pedals like the Keeley Mag Echo and the Pigtronix Echolution Pro. Echo effects were first created in the 60s using tape machines with a loop that recorded and then played back the guitar notes. These early echo machines were very unreliable with broken and damaged tapes destroying a guitar performance at a critical moment. These have now been replicated in digital tape echo guitar pedals. Since the invention of silicone chip technology, transistors, diodes and ICs, it has opened up the market to the design of many electronic echo pedals. There are many different types of Echo Effect Pedal on the market and these are more commonly referred to as delay pedals.

Very popular echo guitar effects are the analog delay guitar pedals and the digital delay guitar pedals. The solid state analog delay effect pedals became popular in the 1970s and were created to replace the old tape echo effect machines that were used by early guitarists. Solid-state analog delay pedal units use analog bucket-brigade silicone chips, sometimes referred to as BBD. Solid-state analog delay pedals are less flexible than the later digital delay guitar pedals and generally have shorter delay times. The vintage Boss DM-2 delay pedal are still sought after for their “warmer”, more natural echo quality and progressively decaying echos. Digital delay guitar pedals were developed later and use digital processing. This allows for longer echo times and precise timing of the echo component. This is the digital aspect, digital tends to be more clinical whereas analog tends to be warmer and natural. The delay process involves taking the input from the guitar signal chain, from the guitar pick ups, or somewhere else in the chain and then plays the signal back after a set period of time, the delay. The delayed signal may either be played back a single time to recreate a slapback echo or multiple times, creating reflections that decay or grow. Some pedals have a setting to allow the echo to be fed back into the start to create the sound of a repeating, decaying echo. The digital delay effect is often found on most guitar player pedal boards.  Check out popular examples like the Boss DD-500 Digital Delay pedal, the  T-Rex Duck Tail Delay pedal the Joyo Time Magic Delay pedal, the Dunlop Echoplex Delay pedal the the Keeley Memphis Sun Delay peda.

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