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EDEN Californiwah Auto Wah FX Electric Bass Guitar Effects Pedal

Eden Bass Guitar Effect Pedals have been manufactured since 1976 in the USA by Eden Amplification. These quality guitar pedals are designed specifically for use with the low frequencies of a bass guitar. Today Eden is internationally recognized as one of the premium brands in bass guitar amplification, providing bass players with products which can be found in studios, stages and stadiums across the world. The Eden range also includes a wide range of Eden Bass Guitar Pedals that compliment the bass guitar amplifier range. Bass guitar effect pedals are designed with special features and circuits that work well with the low frequency tones that are produced by the heavy bass guitar strings. A minimum requirement for any bass guitar player is a bass compressor or bass limiter pedal. These are needed to suppress the signal from the pick ups to a smoother level without the pops and surges that are common with bass guitars. This helps to protect the bass guitar amp and speakers from damage. 

The latest addition to the Eden Bass Guitar Pedal range is the Eden Astroflange, a specialist bass flanger pedal. Check out below the range of Eden Bass Guitar Effect Pedals below, click on the product of interest to be taken to a page showing the various suppliers and comparison prices. Our site accesses the prices from various sites and displays the result as a list. You can compare prices and then click through to the seller web site to place your order. We hope will help you to save some money when you buy Eden Bass Guitar Effect Pedals or a new Eden Bass Guitar Amp.

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Bass guitar effect pedals are designed with special circuitry which can handle the low frequency sounds which are generated by heavy bass guitar strings. Shown below are a number of bass guitar effect pedals seperated into a number of popular categories.

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