Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi Fuzz Effect Guitar Pedal

Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi Vintage Fuzz Guitar Pedal

The Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi Fuzz Effect Guitar Pedal is the first in a wide range of Big Muff Pi pedals that are made by EHX in the USA. Each Big Muff pedal has slight tonal variations to the original. After extensive research into what made the 1970 Big Muff such a special and legendary pedal, Electro-Harmonix came up with a new addition to its Big Muff family: The Little Big Muff. Housed in a compact, die-cast box with smooth corners, The Little Big Muff presents the classic, true-to-heritage, 1970 tone that falls somewhere between the current U.S. Big Muff and the Russian Big Muff. Its long, silky smooth sustain proves that celebrated sound can indeed come in small packages. Same silky smooth violin-like sustain and creamy tone that made the legendary 1970 Big Muff Pi famous. This little brother displays its heritage proudly. Hendrix and Santana were among the first to get a piece of the Pi, and for over 40 years the Big Muff Pi has been defining the sound of rock guitar. Revered by contemporary guitarists and rock legends for its rich, creamy, violin-like sustain, from Pink Floyd to The White Stripes, everyone still wants a piece of the Pi!

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About Guitar Fuzz Effect Pedals

guitar fuzz pedal takes the input guitar signal chain, boosts the gain and then generates a “fuzzy”, “growling”, or “gritty” tone. A guitar fuzz box can be used to replicate an over driven valve guitar amplifier. Guitarists playing electric blues originally obtained an distorted sound by turning up their vintage valve guitar amps to very high volumes, which caused the signal to distort and break up. Fuzz pedals were developed to replicate this sound without the need for high volume and are now a key part of many guitar styles including blues, rock, punk rock and heavy metal music.

Prices range from very cheap to expensive however boutique fuzz pedal designs which are made to a higher specification and quality are the go to pedal for famous guitar players and are common on famous guitar player pedal boards. The price will reflect the quality of the sound produced. Popular boutique effect pedals include the Catalinbread Fuzzrite Fuzz, the Ibanez FZ Mini 850 Fuzz, the DR.J Planes Walker Fuzz, the Electro Harmonix Green Russian Big Muff, the Fulltone 70-BC Fuzz and the CKK Royal Fuzz Distortion. For cheaper models look at the Biyang FZ-10 Fuzz Pedal and the Caline Clear Veil Overdrive Fuzz.

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About Electro Harmonix Guitar Effect Pedals

The Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi Fuzz Effect Guitar Pedal is one of many types of Electro Harmonix guitar pedals that are available to buy online and in music retail stores. The Electro-Harmonix pedal range is extensive with many different types of guitar effect style available. Electro-Harmonix (or EHX as it is also know) was founded in 1968, producing high-end electronic audio processors, effect pedals and vacuum tubes (guitar amplifier valves). During the 1970’s, Electro Harmonix established itself as a pioneer of, and a leading manufacturer of, guitar pedals. Electro Harmonix was the first company to design, manufacture, and market affordable guitar pedals to a mass market including the first ever flanger pedal the Electric Mistress pedal, and the first analog echo pedal the Memory Man pedal. In 1980, Electro Harmonix continued this program of innovation and created one of the first digital delay pedals and looper pedals. These effect types are now made by many different makes of guitar pedal around the World, View the full list of EHX pedals.

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