ERA1 Acoustic Guitar Amp 250W Hughes and Kettner

ERA1 Acoustic Guitar Amp 250w Hughes and Kettner

Welcome to a new era of acoustic amplification. Developed with renowned designer Michael Eisenmann, the ERA1 Acoustic Guitar Amp 250w Hughes and Kettner gives you richly detailed definition for peerless authenticity and tonal brilliance, plus a bunch of remarkably innovative and intuitive features to make every performance better. On top of all this, era 1 is built in Germany to the highest quality standards. This custom made acoustic guitar amp has a 250w output and features two fully featured, identical channels with independent effect engine and 16 programs. Available in either black or wood finishes. Acoustic guitar amplifiers are designed to handle the unique frequency range of acoustic instruments and the pickups they use.

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Acoustic Guitar Amplifiers Explained

Acoustic guitar amplifiers like the ERA1 Acoustic Guitar Amp by Hughes and Kettner are designed for use with an acoustic guitar and other acoustic instruments. They are designed with a frequency response with minimal coloration. To produce this relatively “clean” acoustic sound, acoustic guitar amps often have a higher output power than would normally be required to ensure that no distortion is generated during a performance. Acoustic guitar amplifiers produce an uncolored, “acoustic” sound. When you buy acoustic guitar amps they normally come with a simple mixer, so that the signals from a pickup and condenser microphone can be blended, so a solo performer can connect the guitar and vocals to the same amplifier.

It has become increasingly common for acoustic guitar amps to provide a range of digital effects, such as reverb echo, sound compression, digital delay and chorus. The higher quality designs will often include feedback-suppressing devices, such as notch filters or parametric equalizers. Looking to buy the ERA1 Acoustic Guitar Amp by Hughes and Kettner? Our site is set up to collect online prices and to display them so that you can get the best deal.

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