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EVH 5150 III HD Black · Guitar Amp Head - Eddie Van Halen Guitar Amplifier

Review the range of EVH Guitar Amplifiers and Speaker Cabinets below. These high specification valve guitar amplifiers and speaker cabinets are built to a specification set out by the legendary rock guitarist, Eddie Van Halen, hence the EVH trademark. Featuring special circuitry that include high gain boost distortion and no compromise build quality these boutique valve guitar amps will last for many years on the road. Eddie Van Halen (EVH) is a rock guitar legend working with his band Van Halen and other musicians on many famous songs and albums. Over the years EVH has been known for modifying his guitar gear to get the sonic quality and tone that he desired. This included his famous Frankenstrat guitar and an all-tube valve head guitar amplifier made by Peavey Electronics.

Due to interest from guitarists seeking to get the same tone as Eddie, from 1992, Peavey made the 5150 amplifier as a signature model for EVH and made it available to the public. The amplifier was noted for durability and quality. In 2004, the two companies parted ways and the old amplifier became the Peavey 6505, with Van Halen taking the 5150 name for his  new 5150iii guitar amplifier to be sold via his own Company, EVH. Under the EVH brand name there are now a wide range of high quality boutique guitar amplifiers, speaker cabinets, guitars, accessories and mod kits. The products are manufactured, to the EVH specification, by Fender. More details of the Gear designed and sold by EVH can be found at www.evhgear.com

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Types of Guitar Amplifier

There are many different styles of guitar amplifier on the market, as can be seen from the list. Each guitar amplifier type is designed to either work with a specific type of guitar or to generate a specific sound type. For instance you would buy a Bass combo guitar amp to use with your bass guitar. There are also different styles of circuits used to generate the overall sound that is produced, the biggest difference being between tube guitar amplifier circuits and solid state guitar amplifier circuits. which became popular in the 70’s. The type of sound generate by a valve amplifier and a solid state are very different.

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