Fender Lost Highway Phaser Effect Guitar Pedal

Fender Lost Highway Phaser Effect Guitar Pedal

The Fender Lost Highway Phaser Effect Guitar Pedal brings powerful, flexible analog phasing to your rig. Foot-switchable Fast and Slow speeds-each with their own independent Rate and Depth controls let you easily alternate between slow, moody phase shifting all the way to rapid and warped modulation. The Wave toggle switch selects between Sine and Triangle wave forms while switchable 4 and 8 stage phasing makes it easy to add extra resonance. The Sensitivity control allows modulation rate changes based on your playing style. Review prices for the Fender Lost Highway Phaser Pedal Guitar Effect below, click on the buy now button to place your order.

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Phaser Effect Pedals Explained

A phaser pedal is an electronic sound processor used to filter a signal by creating a series of peaks and troughs in the frequency spectrum. The position of the peaks and troughs of the waveform being affected is typically modulated so that they vary over time, creating a sweeping effect. A guitar phaser pedal can add an interesting effect to solo work and is a favorite of some heavy metal guitarists especially when it is combined with flanger pedal.

The are a number of boutique phaser pedals on the market that are made to a high specification and have additional features and controls. Boutique guitar effect pedals are a favorite of famous players and are included on touring player pedal boards. Some good boutique phaser pedals to consider are the pigtronix envelope phaser, the digitech xhp hyper phaser and the CMATMods analog phaser.

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About Fender Guitar Pedals

The Fender Lost Highway Phaser Effect Guitar Pedal is one of many types of Fender guitar pedals that are available to review, and buy online from internet music stores. Fender is an iconic brand that is known by guitar player around the World. Fender is based in Sottsdale, Arizona and continues to design, develop and innovate on guitar gear since the company was first founded in 1946 at Fullerton, California, by Clarence Leo Fender. Fender guitar amplifiers and especially the vintage tweed fender amps that were part of 50s rock and roll history are sought after by guitar players who require quality, reliable, products to use in the studio and on stage. Along with guitar amplifiers and guitar pedals Fender solid-body electric guitars and bass guitars are among the most recognised designs in the world including the Stratocaster and Telecaster, Precision Bass and Jazz Bass. The company manufacturers many styles of guitar and guitar amplifier. Vintage Fender valve guitar amplifiers are used by many famous players including Rolling Stones, Queen, U2 plus many more. Fender guitar amplifiers include many iconic designs from the original Fender Tweed tube amplifiers to the Fender Silverface tube amplifiers that were introduced in 68. Other Fender guitar related brands include Squier, Jackson, Charvel, and the manufacture and distribution of Gretsch guitars. View the full list of Fender guitar pedals and Fender guitar amps.

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Below we have selected links to some of the most popular Fender guitar amplifiers to consider. If you own a Fender guitar and Fender guitar pedals why not consider buying a Fender guitar amplifier. The Fender guitar amp range includes all types of guitar amplifier for all styles of music including Fender acoustic amps, Fender bass amps and Fender blues amps. There is no sweeter sound than a Fender Telecaster plugged into a Fender Tweed valve amplifier.

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