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CKK Flaming Lips High Gain Distortion Guitar Pedal

The CKK Flaming Lips High Gain Distortion Guitar Pedal has extensive control features that help you shape your tone. This is a high gain distortion guitar pedal with controls for Gain, Volume, Mid and Presence controls. The volume and gain knobs allow you to set the distortion and loudness levels. The presence and high mid controls allow you to adjust how prominently your guitar’s frequencies will come through the mix. This feature is ideal for players who want an overdrive guitar tone in both rhythm and solo playing. The CKK Flaming Lips Pedal large control knobs make it easy to adjust in both studio and live settings. There is an addition Boost controlled by an independent switch.

Review the product details, and use the links shown to compare prices, suppliers and special offers for the CKK Flaming Lips High Gain Distortion Guitar Pedal featuring an american style High-Gain Distortion Effect circuit with excellent dynamic response. Controls include Gain, Volume, High-Mid Frequency and Presence. There are many more CKK pedals to check out made by this boutique guitar pedal manufacturer.

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About Guitar High Gain Distortion Pedals

A high gain distortion guitar pedal takes the input from pickups or somewhere along the guitar signal chain, boosts the gain up and then generates a “fuzzy”, “growling”, or “gritty” tone. A distortion effect pedal can be used to replicate an over driven vintage valve guitar amplifier. These high gain distortion pedals have an additional boost feature to take the gain to extreme levels. The pedals can be used for solo work and are a valuable addition to any guitarist hoping to play blues, rock, heavy metal or punk style. The guitar distortion pedal is found on most guitar player pedal boards. There are a wide range of lead guitar distortion pedals and bass guitar distortion pedals to choose from. Review the CKK Gambler High Gain Distortion, the CKK Flaming Lips High Gain Distortion and the Wampler Dracarys High Gain Distortion Pedal for example of high spec high gain pedals.

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About CKK Guitar Effect Pedals

The CKK Flaming Lips High Gain Distortion Guitar Pedal Effects is one of many guitar effects manufactured by the CKK pedal company that was first founded in 2012, Beijing, China, and is a brand of Sinvertek Electronic. In 2014 the classic series of 15 new CKK guitar pedals was launched and this range of guitar pedals was upgraded in 2015 and again 2017, using the same basic circuits with different styling. In 2018 the new CKK Design Series was launched with professional quality circuitry and premium design styling. The CKK Anka distortion pedal was the first of this new range of CKK effects that was to be sold.

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On the web site there are many Boutique Guitar Effect Pedals from suppliers around the World. Boutique guitar effect pedals are designed by smaller, independent companies. Boutique gear is often more expensive than mass-produced pedals however you will get a product made to a high specification in return, cheap guitar pedals can destroy a performance.

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