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Gallien-Krueger 212 MBP 500W 2x12 Bass Combo

Gallien Krueger is one of the biggest brands in the Bass Guitar market. Created by Robert Gallien, one of the earliest amplifiers was bought by Carlos Santana who took it to Woodstock. Thousands of amplifiers later, Bob Gallien is still designing some of the most innovative and highly sought after bass guitar products on the market. His creations enjoy a heritage of recording and stage performances with the world’s most discriminating artists. Gallien-Krueger is the leading manufacturer in the industry, maintaining uninterrupted U.S. production for over 40 years. Just as our earlier products are still telling their story, the products we create and produce here today will be talking to us for years to come. The Gallien-Krueger range includes many Bass guitar amplifiers, bass guitar effects units and bass speaker cabinets. These quality products are specially designed to handle low frequency notes as generated by the bass guitar and double bass.

See below our list of Gallien Krueger bass guitar amplifiers. Choose a product you are interested in and you will be taken to a page with prices and suppliers. On our website we access the separate web pages of different suppliers and list the products to make comparing the prices easy. You can then click through to the chosen supplier and buy the product, hopefully making a nice saving as well. We have more makes of bass guitar amplifier , bass guitar effects and even bass guitar strings to consider on the web site.

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Bass Guitar Amplifiers and Speaker Cabinets

A bass guitar amplifier is different from other guitar amplifiers as they are specially designed to work with the low frequency generated by the bass guitar. While bass amps share the same features of a lead guitar amp there is additional circuitry added. to handle low-frequency sound reproduction. Most good quality bass guitar amplifiers will include an EQ section and possibly other bass related effects. The distinction is design style also affects the design of the loudspeaker cabinet. Bass speaker cabinets will include bigger speakers and have a sturdy construction. Some bass guitar amplifier brands have specialised for years in manufacturing this style of low frequency guitar amp.

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