Guitar Amplifiers – Product Reviews

Product reviews of new Guitar Amplifiers.

Guitar Amplifiers – Product Reviews

Let YUMAGOLD Review Your New Guitar Product

As part of the wide range of advertising opportunities that we offer to musical instrument accessory manufacturers is a full product review package. This includes reviewing the product, writing a 500 word+ page of review content, photography, generating a video review which is uploaded to YouTube then posting the review to various social media accounts. All content is linked back to the web site. There are also a number of links back to the manufacturer web site and product pages. Review our guitar product review opportunities and contact us to discuss your requirements in detail.

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The YUMA GOLD web site has been created for guitarists and other musicians to review and purchase musical instrument equipment, at the best prices currently on offer from various suppliers around the world. We generate a list showing the latest sale prices on guitar gear and price reductions for guitar amps, effect pedals and much more.

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